Ronin’s entrap has a delay!

Hello firstly, I would say thank you PG for this amazing Forti event and the tower’s discounts are so helpful for so many players to lvl up very fast, we all appreciate it, I just want to share you all that I have a problem with the entrap spell of Ronin, there’s a significant delay when I hit a tower I see nothing trapped and when I hit it again it looks trapped. This issue affects Ronin so badly plz if anyone has the same problem write her

Are you shooting from the turn? Because that won’t work with entrap (and all similar spells)


All dragons that have Entrap have this visual glitch (ie Fomhar, …) it has not been fixed but if you are familiar with entrap you know what is disabled and what’s not.

Also what is that delay you’re talking about ?
If you mean tower still fireing after entrap it’s normal cz entrap is not freeze, so the tower will continue it’s attack and will not fire anymore until it you touch it again.
If you mean by delay, when you turn and fire entrap and it dosen’t work that’s because you’re firing too fast.


Not from the turn

Are you shooting too far? Like on Long Island?
A video / screenshot will help a lot in this case.

will try to record a video of it :+1:t2:


In the short island particularly the first one, I hit to entrap two towers but still see no net


You can’t take other actions while entrap is in flight so this may be why it feels so long?
IE: you can’t use WoTB you can’t fire hunter shots etc.


Hmm… i don’t see why it won’t work unless you’re launching entrap too fast.
A video would be very handy to help us understand your problem :grin:

Thanks :+1:t2:

Are the towers active tho? No net is a visual glitch that happens quite often.

Yes they are active

It’s rare but I’ve had Fom just not entrap before, no net or nothing. (Not casting to early)
Also I’ve seen Flaks still firing away after locked down. (Fully aware about casting before all the way turned)
Both have been very rare cases but definitely happened

Then would you please post the same video here?
Support isn’t always correct, especially about how a dragon is flown (unless PG replace all of them with WD players with Lutrus - like skill :roll_eyes: )

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