Ronin Vs New Mythics

For those who have max or near max ronin as well as either meglok or namaka or both, which do you prefer flying vs defenders? Are either/both new mythics more competitive with similar gear or does ronin still feel most comfortable? I’m close to being able to pick a mythic but haven’t selected one and would specifically like to hear how they compare with ronin who is currently my top flier.

I didn’t get ronin but I like namaka.

The answer is simple. They don’t.

They don’t compare to Ronin because both are different class dragons, ones a Hunter and the other is a warrior.

You can lead with both dragons with defenders, Ronin takes more skill to fly then Meglok dose but doesn’t mean he’s bad. It all comes down to skill at the end of the day, One Ronin “Can” Solo a defended base if of course flown right and mange is rage and Hp well during a attack.

Meglok “can” survive a base with defenders and gut the base very well for the follower to clean up what he miss/left behind. Meglok can Solo a bass with one defender but more then that he can’t Solo but like I said survive with his current spell kit.

As well as what gear you got on any dragon can make a big difference from dying or surviving when against defenders.

Only get Meglok if need an new max tier mytic for your Perch. Meglok doesnt survive good bases/defenders, he die pretty fast. Otherwise take Namaka.

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Shhh not when I fly him he doesn’t die with defenders or on good bases :blush:

Of course I know my limits, I can’t handle lv 85’s yet until I get him to Empyrean tier. After this fort I’ll have him in Empyrean but he dose good on lv 82 towers in vanguard with defenders I won’t solo it but I survive an gut the hell out of the base.

How to deal with defenders with Namaka on rage drain?

Deflecting Gale? :upside_down_face:


Yep :point_up_2:

Unfortunately on Long Island with 2 storm/earth Flaks on it with defenders she’s not going to make it :see_no_evil: once Deflected Gale active spell duration is over she’s dead :see_no_evil:

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Timed invoker shot works too, as it’s freeze :upside_down_face:


Yea up to usually three towers unless there isn’t a tall tower as lightning, Red, or Blue mage towers in the middle you’ll be able to freeze 4 towers with her passive Special shot.

Remember Deflective gale has a 8 second cool down, on small island it works great but on Long Islands that’s when it gets more difficult for her.

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