Rose colored glasses

Continuing the discussion from Developer Updates to Tower Balance Changes:

@PGCrisis your gift for understatement is unparalleled!

Why post in the off topic section?
And crisis didn’t design the nerf nor the rebalance.

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Hence I posted in off topic. I am commenting ONLY about her gift for understatement. Not many people could get away with calling Mt. Everest a small hill.

They admitted they messed up, they are going to try to fix it - I say we cut them a little slack until we see the outcome of their re-rebalance. Especially those employees we rely on to be our advocates.


Sheesh maybe I should have sent it in a PM instead. Its not an attack but merely an appreciation of some fantastic spin-speak.

Mods please delete this thread on account of people with poor reading comprehension

At best it’s a sideways “compliment” as you pretty much admit. So what’s the point really but to needle someone who is trying to help get a resolution?

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