Roster Won't Scroll

I’m sorry if this has been posted before, I can’t find it.
Probably 15-20% of the time, when I go to attack on the invader base, my roster won’t scroll initially or let me choose a dragon. I have to go back out and in again before it will let me select a dragon.
Is this just me or is anyone else having this problem?
It is very frustrating, especially when you have someone waiting to follow you on an xp run.

Click on the invader icon in the upper left to bring up the invader info, and then hit x and you’ll be able to scroll again. Same thing if you can’t get into your bookmarks

I will try that- thanks so much!!

Opening the egg mission window works too

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Seems like a strange UI layering glitch. We shall check it out. (64804)

@Lutrus Which bookmarks are you referring to? The one with player bases, or the one in Atlas for castles? We wish to identify all the UI screens that this happens so that we can see if it’s a related issue. Thanks!

Player bases in the matchmaking screen.
Don’t know if any atlas bookmark issues :see_no_evil:
Edit for clarity, getting to this screen is sometimes impossible and the work arounds above somehow fix it:

This happened often on my iPhone 5s but never happened on iPad or iPhone 6 plus.

Thanks! I’ll add this to the issue ticket (64804)

Weird, happens on my 6s all the time.

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