Rotating Mystery Branch Blog: Official Discussion Thread

Hey gang, there’s something rotating… it may be a branch… but we’re not sure, it’s a mystery after all! Check out the official blog post here:

Or if you’d rather check out the forum post, do that here: Rotating Mystery Branch

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Is it worth to claim?
Is it gonna be different prize each day?

Anyone good with calculation, please enlighten us with ur wisdom.

Which one that’s worth to claim?

7.5K Egg token cost 1K sigils
50 12 H timers cost 400 sigils
500 embers cost 200 sigils
500K rune dust cost 100 sigils
20 gold chest cost 500 sigils

And they can claim up to 5 times!

Crunch the number please. Crunch it for me!!


I’m gonna go ahead and start the Day 1 discussion by quoting Morreion’s excellent breakdown of that:


I think your glance is pretty accurate. To back it up with some math:

Egg tokens: 1000 sigils is the equivalent of ~5000 rubies in super sigil chests later in the season. Grinding 5000 rubies in egg missions will get you 15000 tokens, so twice this amount. Probably not worth it unless you expect to have a lot of left-over sigils. The value is still okay compared to getting them from any other line.

Timers: 400 sigils is ~2000 rubies in super sigil. That number of rubies will get you about 7 days in forge packs, or 5 days plus other stuff in gold chests. Even the timer-rich howitzer line has less timers per sigil over the whole line. 25 days for 400 sigils seems solid.

Embers 200 sigils is about 1000 rubies equivalent, which buys 2.5 gold chests. Those will drop 400 embers in fort, almost the same number, plus timers, sigils etc. Not worth it.

Rune Dust can’t really be calculated, since there isn’t really another source to buy it. Can be bad or good depending on your needs, it’s sure cheaper than getting a whole dragon line just for dust.

Gold Chests are a no-brainer to get. 20 chests will return 400 sigils on average, so you’re effectively paying 100 sigils for ~20 days of timers plus either 3200 embers or a bunch of pvp drops.


I just moved @Morreion 's post here… sorry for the confusion @Aeana

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Players: We demand transparency!
PG: Mystery Branch!

I’m suspicious and don’t trust this at all.


Yep definitely take the gold chests one… I spent 120 golds and got 104 (including the bonus) back…


During recent additions of content we are getting info on the content AFTER it becomes available. Would you be able to provide such information earlier? Previously such things were announced in advance - on Tue, usually, so players are prepared and could ask questions in advance.

Thanks, and welcome! )

P.S.: Please mark this thread with Discussion Threads tag instead of Announcements :slight_smile:


I can see what we can do about getting info out as early as possible, yes. And thanks for the Discussion tag heads up!


My only question is are timers, gold chests, and grindable resources all that will be offered in these lines? Or is there the possibility of runes and glyphs in later days a possibility? This mystery branch is nice but if you’re telling me that i could spend all my sigils on the first 2-3 days and then get hit with an exotic rune day 4 and not have sigils because i spent it all on gold chests and timers the days before id be slightly upset.

Can we get a confirmation on whether or not we will be seeing an exotic rune this season? I’d like to get some of the mystery items, but also want to keep some sigils spare for the exotic rune if there will be one this season.


Well, for the dust and gold chests I like it for today.

I don’t like that I’ve been given a virtual blindfold. There shouldn’t be a mystery involved when it comes time to spend saved sigils. Already I won’t have a mythic. I’d at least like to finish the season not looking back with regret over a “mystery” I should have gambled on.

Take the goldchests 5 times , thats the best thing in my opinion for day 1 . :slight_smile:


What if day 2 is 20 gold chests for 250 sigils claimable five times?

Then you will have 200 gold chests :joy:


Based on the image I’d guess we will see other items too. It would just be nice if they’d let us know and if these costs will remain constant throughout the week




It’s mystery line. We’d never know…


Could it be 100 sigils for 10K rubies??

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