RoyalRoad / NMO / MonstersDesert Desperation


Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

This is what happens when you don’t go to school. Apparently Ignito thinks you can have 100 people per team attacking. Yet, he desperately has 3 teams attacking Dreadnought. :man_shrugging:t2:


:joy::joy::joy: lol that video is insane


Wait… so 3 teams of 50 people is 100 people? I think PG needs to look into this error!!!


What he is saying that Dread has 100 people on the team attacking :slight_smile: Not that 100 people are attacking Dread


Lmfao i want to learn to hit that many at once :rofl::scream::rofl:


Now I completely understand, because that makes total sense now. Thanks Coach!


I didn’t say it makes sense, just that that’s what I think he meant :slight_smile: What he is accusing you of is that you have 100 people using your accounts, and that you complain when you have 3 teams waving you, My comment was a response to Panda not your post.


I see…he may want to consider using English then next time to convey his thoughts in an intelligent manner. I am really glad we had you to translate that he might be thinking that. He also said that we had 2 people banned and yet both have been reinstated and one is already back in the team, it is hard to keep up where his head is at :frowning:


flies away.


Yep, high level math there gone wrong. :joy::joy::joy:


Haha cool video.

Keep us updated :slight_smile:


Update! Ofcourse when 3 of these teams are working together we can’t seem to complete 250 flames with MonstersDesert. Banned player still on team? Hack? Glitch? @PGJared Surely you will get this fixed before end of today right?


This literally feels like Bill Gates getting pissed he lost a $20 bill.


So you approve of cheating. Good to know. @PGJared watch out for this one.



I’d like to kindly point out that if Dread is indeed having 50 accounts run by anything approaching 100 people, it would be a pretty large TOS violation. So yes, sometimes cheating must be countered with cheating.



I guess I missed out on the note about the other 50 people. :exploding_head:


When you become relevant, you can speak back on this forum post.


When you stop bringing your temper tantrums to the public forums, I’ll leave them be. Until then, fair game, darlings.