RSS amount not shown when joining teammates


Since the start of fortification event, Dec 8th, when I join an attack I can’t see how much resources I am able to get. @PGJared @PGPulse Is something wrong or is this the future? I would like to know especially during an event like fortification where resources are important


its rarely accurate during a fortification anyways due to production boosts.


I noticed this as well and it seems like an insanely poor choice to remove if it was purposefully done. If I am going to be joining teammates for resource runs and my banners light up 4-5 at a time, you’re basically just rolling the dice or assuming that higher level opponent = higher resources.

It also means that I am much less likely to join in on attacks if I can’t see that the reward for doing so is worth the time taken away from my own farming.


It doesn’t need to be 100% accurate. We’ve all seen instances where you go in thinking you’ll get 25000 only for it to be 0 because it was already farmed away or transferred or used up. But I would much rather have the ability to see whether one attack may get me 25000 vs. another that will only give me 2500 before clicking the join button.


Exactly. It isn’t at the end of the battle and yeah sometimes they get rid of it before you can claim it. It’s before you join you explained it so well @TheTXI


Asked and responded to in another post.


Closing as duplicate, thanks @grumpybigbird