Rss’s in jeopardy on defense


Can we get like a resources at risk number under our teammates name for defense battle invites? Sometimes I’ll see like 3 defense invites and just choose one at random.

It would be nice to have like some strategic joining mechanism during fort and feed to save our teammates rss instead of accidentally joining a defend where there’s going to be 0 or minimal resources in jeopardy because we don’t know how many rss they have at risk


Like an inaccurate one we have on attack or one that actually reports what’s at risk?



Haha seems pretty accurate to me. Keeping in mind the after action report is rarely right lol and the possibility of someone bouncing rss after seeing banner or getting notification of being under attack

If I attack for 150k of a rss but my cap is 100k from what I currently have, after action report says I gained 0 wood but when I go to check my total wood in storage it’s now maxed out

It doesn’t just happen for overfilling max I’ve found it also will show like 8k instead of the 100k I actually got and everything in between


It will show the lower of:

  • amount you raided
  • amount your storage can now take

If you could hold 10k before the raid and you raided 8k, the report will show 2k
If you could hold 10k before the raid and you raided 12k, the report will show 0k
If you could hold 10k before the raid and you raided 3k, the report will show 3k


:man_shrugging:t3: Seemed like I was getting whack numbers for the reports aside from that like when my storage wasn’t about to be full


Still would like to see what the attacker is going to get from my teammate in defense banners to prioritize defending


Then it’s the amount that has accumulated in the persons farms since the matchmaking was last updated. They only update it every 5 or so minutes, so in that time they could have gained some in the farms/mills or they could have been raided for a portion of it.

That’s also why you see attacks all come in waves when you hit a certain amount, you all of a sudden show a different amount.


Gotcha, just goes back to the fact that yes the values aren’t always perfect as lutrus said but a little add-on maybe showing the same loss of rss that prompted an attacker to initiate an attack underneath my teammates name on the defense banner would be appreciated


Right now I’d much rather have what damn castle my teammate is getting hit at and what primes both have than rss at risk.


Haha that would be a good thing to implement but I just came up with this during food event and thought I’d put it out there for pg to possibly see and add to their list of stuff they are working on


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