Rss transfer messages


I would have tagged this on to something else if I could find it. Thank you for the ledger updates. Thank you for the castle management feature. Now could you PLEASE clean up the rss messages in chat. Yes, we can enable/disable them for player to player transfers. But, Atlas teams have no control and I’m sure everyone’s chat looks like ours, completely worthless, filled with an endless stream of transfer messages. I can go to a castle and view all the pending transfers, so the messages are less than useless.

I can’t be that hard. If the app is architected like most other apps, the chat post is just a service and your code is just calling its API. Disable, done. I’d also imagine that if you literally just turned it off, without even giving an option, that the entire Atlas player base would break out in applause.


This is already on their radar. (Emphasis added.)

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Perhaps it’s safe to say that it’s in progress.


Ok, please close it

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