Rubies and egg token missions

I have green tiered egg token missions, and elite for rubies. What’s the most efficient way to spend rubies on accelerating egg token missions? (Which mission, how often, etc)

1h = anytime
4h = after less than 2h left
20h = after less than 4h

(just speeding up 1h and leaving the rest is good too…)


Keep in mind that when you spend rubies on speeding egg token missions you are not spending them on gold chests. I personally speed very little because I’d prefer getting less egg tokens overall, but also get the other drops that help get better rewards in events. Not saying don’t do it, just saying be mindful! :slight_smile:

Yea, that’s a fair point. Egg tokens are my biggest constraint though, I am always den capped, so I’d like more dragons to do runs with. Or is that a builder/timer problem? Haha I don’t know

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Share my experience for your reference.
Say I start the day with 3 missions, if I have an hour plus to grind, then I clear the 1 hr mission, with waiting for about 1.5 mins each when the rubies goes 2 rubies less, for each 1 hr missions, by the time 1.5 hrs gone, I will clear the 1hr Mission with the 4hr missions. If at work, clear 2 or 3 x 1 hour Mission with 1x 4 hr missions every 1.5 hr plus when I go smoke or toilet break. With that normally each day about 7-8k tokens, plus atlas and daily tokens, my daily KPI is about 10k tokens.

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Follow a breeding path and never stray. Check out Sapphire costs and save your extra tokens. You can never have enough tokens until you’re in Obsidian :wink:

I think the best time to grind tokens…was last season. Outside of that, what Orca said. :+1:t2:

The breeding path is so important with the daily egg token missions. You get to a point you think you are way ahead then boom den capped :joy:.

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That’s probably why one should plan forts concurrent to breed. Idk, it’s not an issue I’m familiar with as a low level :stuck_out_tongue:

Except in feeding. Ugh.

If you don’t keep all builds in line and breed to a breeding plan it can get tough. Gets expensive and can mean you have to do several long builds to catch up.

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