Rubies disappearing


Lost around 2000rubies today? Just vanished. Anyone had the same problem?


contact support with the information:

  1. amount of rubies lost
  2. current rubies
  3. time you noticed it and include the time zone.


Any chance you sped up some buildings / research etc by accident using them?

There is no confirm button


Nope, used no speedups, and i have quite few stored for buliding event. The event was playing up all the time with results not appearing and energy going to 0 after each attack. I had energy chests available so could not pay rubies for energy either


Wth! Now we’re supposed to keep track of our rubies tokens speedups shards embers pearls and God knows what not bc there were bugs in the update? :flushed: that’s just unfair and too much supervision/monitoring for the game to be enjoyable


Pg is usually quite sharp at tracing these things, like Kenshiki said. Its almost universally a player side problem. They have the tools to track it and will usually be able to show you exactly where they went


Thank you :blush: