Rubies for Elite Account removed for grandfathered accounts?

Slightly worried to open up the game after the update and find that my grandfathered ability to buy an elite account with rubies has disappeared - on both my accounts.

I remember: No more elite with rubies

Is this a mistake @PGEggToken?

My alt is grandfathered, and still is. :eyes:

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So unpopular opinion but when is the lifttime of these grandfathered in elite/rubies going to be over?

Typically the grandfathering period is extended for a certain set duration for the consideration of the folks who were around before hand and don’t like change. After this duration has expired, they are required to conform to the new standards like everybody else, as a transition plan and then everybody is on the newly updated system.

To be honest it’s fair that everybody is on the same type of system.

You have had 2 years of “advantage” for the extra 1 year you played before the rest of us.

When will this change so everyone is on the same program?


Agreed I would like to know… but obviously don’t want it to change! :see_no_evil:

Would be curious how many of these accounts there are still around. Might not be too many, in which case it’s both a) easy to change without upsetting too many and b) not worth them bothering with…

Looks like it was a mistake anyway.

How about allow everyone to have that option once player reaches Sapphire level? Usually by sapphire, your in it to win it…:grin:

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Is it fair to be a legacy team in atlas? Honestly. You guys have gotten MANY free things. You have an issue with something a few were fortunate to get at the beginning of the game and have persevered through all of this bs to keep it??


Wouldn’t a legacy team be a beta team? mech’s not in a beta team. Beta teams also had their own craziness to get through. I don’t care about [Edit: ruby elite] either way, but the teams in beta that are far ahead would’ve already been far ahead. There are plat teams that were in beta that are significantly further behind others who got it later.

To give you an example:

  • My level 5 rusher is identical to a BETA teams level 5 rusher
  • My level 3 castle with level 4 fort has the same buffs as a BETA teams level 3 castle with level 4 fort
  • It costs me the same amount of gold to train 800 troops as it does for you

This is what would be considered “everything fair/playing on the same system”.

As far as progression, i’m not disagreeing with you at all. Teams who have had it for longer have an advantage in terms of resource pool to take from, but i’m really not sure of a “solution” per se. Giving new teams a whack of stuff when they join in dangerous (because they don’t know what to do with it) and i really think Atlas has a steep learning curve. Giving teams some “catch up” items such as a level 2 infrastructure set so once they claim land they have something, that’s something i wouldn’t be against.

My main point is that all Atlas teams NOW have the same mechanics. How they got to there (easier progress, harder progress) is similar to the rubies for elite vs pay for elite and now there are no grandfathered teams. AKA the original BETA teams don’t get troops at a discount compared to you or I. They don’t have other advantages besides stored resources, anything they buy/earn is on par with everyone else who has Atlas now.


When I asked in the old forum about the rubies elite account, they (PG) said never.
You will lose this privilege only if you forget to renew it.

Sad note: I started playing a week later. :frowning_face:


I do not have Atlas. You have your special portraits and perks for being where you are. Ruby elite should not be an issue as we got it for being where we were. Ruby elite has to be maintained or lost. You get to keep all of your stuff.
My ruby elite in no way unbalances the game. I look at it like a prize the same as PG’s portraits for their “creme de la creme”’

Portraits are coming with the World War Season for the top 10 teams. Unless you think that your team can compete with the top 10, it’s irrelevant for the majority of teams. Also, you can’t buy anything with portraits. :rofl:


You can buy fame and glory :rainbow::sparkles:


Ruby elite is what’s keeping a vast majority of players in the game.

It should not change, just like portraits they are a token of how long we have been playing and invested in the game. It’s a special privilege for those of us (and there are actually several). What’s fair is that what’s earned is kept.


Ah yes because portraits > $ i always seem to forget this :exploding_head:

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Grandfathering in elite accounts to eternity is sweet reward for those who have been loyal and long-suffering with PG. It doesn’t hurt other players in any way so why should it be a concern to those who don’t have it? I say congratulate them on their reward and go burn some bases. :smiling_imp:


If my rubies for elite goes away I would have to reconsider continuing to play the game. Please don’t put ideas in their head.


To be honest i don’t get why it’s not being made equal for everyone.
Players who started way back are already at an advantage over newer players because they have had so much more time to progress and get a stronger base and stronger dragons. Granted, you worked hard for that progress, you earned it. But i WISH i discovered WD that long ago cause things are easier when youre a higher level with stronger drags.
I just dont see why an advantage that youve had for 2+ years is still not being made equal.

And dont say its fair and that its not an advantage, because everyone who has it would absolutely hate to lose it. It is 100% an advantage lol…

Well it doesnt hurt anyone directly, but it does hurt indirectly. It should be a concern cause those who don’t have it don’t have an advantage that some others have.

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There isn’t actually an advantage… It’s the same elite account everyone else has, we just have to buy rubies to buy it. There is a money saving outside of the game, but this doesn’t translate to an advantage in the game.


But if you save money, you have more money to buy additional things :thinking:
It IS an advantage. You really can’t argue that it isn’t…

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