Rubies have gone missing

Before the event started, I had 17,000+rubies. Once event started I had 8,000. And event prizes are not showing up in my bank. And many others are noticing lost rubies in LC. I want to know where my missing rubies went, as well as getting them back.

PGJared answered a similar topic here; otherwise, the rest of the thread covers things to look at.

Nothing was purchased. In fact, after I posted this I gained 5000 rubies just sitting around. No prizes claimed. And many others are claiming they’ve lost thousands of rubies too

Please submit a ticket so our support team can do a full audit of your account.

Yes I had this problem imhave sent a ticket.

I have. And only got the cut/paste reply about the event having started. And if I haven’t seen it show up, to restart game.

Ticket number?

#464687is the ticket number

#464759 this is my ticket number mate

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