Rubies instead of chests


Yes sure, we are the only ones on 24/7 :grinning:. But it just seems to happen regularly, just before events…


At least they didn’t divide by two instead of multiply…

It’s something


I don’t receive bronze chests end prizes don’t show too. Someone can help


Try reinstalling. If that doesn’t work, make a ticket in game :slight_smile:


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Well, the 24 hour double drop rate period ended and I’m back to getting spells and 3 minute timers from monuments :woman_facepalming:t2:. I hope they can fix it before they leave the office for the day.


So, double chests period ends, and rubies come back. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

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Please fix before the weekend when no one is working and everyone is playing


Can we just turn double chests on until the end of event? That seemed to solve it. Please? I doubt y’all gonna fix this before end of day in a couple hours. Don’t keep people back on Friday night. Thanks.

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Can I get an update on this please?


I’ve had the exact same issue here. This is very frustrating when I’m having to blow hundreds of energy with very little reward here.

Whatever the issue is this needs to be fixed soon or the double chest rate needs to remain until this is resolved


Definitely no legit reason they couldnt have just left it double chest drops for the rest of the event, given how much of a repeat issue this has been for a long time. It’s pretty clear they’ll never issue any compensation chests for this problem that has been ongoing since at least the Spring season


I guess everyone has gone home and we’re stuck with zero chests for rest of event…


Literally, the game is broken on my side, so I can’t enjoy “double” chest drop… :sob:


Hi! And again back to the rubies for our whole team. What happens now? Yesterday: chests. Today: rubies… Honestly! And even when buying gold chests: no inner fires at all in over 20 boxes? :rage:


Judging by Orca’s Armory you can be somewhere in between 20-26 legendary drop in sequence or maybe 33-39 and 1-6, where there is no Inner Fire in them, which leads to having no legendary IF drop in 20 chests. That just happened to overlap with epic drops where you don’t have 6 IF like in 2-18.
Happens sometimes… as well as in some places when you have 4 legendary in one of 10 chests packs and they fall in the right place, you can end up having more than 50 IF in 20 gold chests. This is why Orca’s prediction is so helpful, you can see if you really need to open more gold or you better save them if there is nothing good for you this time.

As for the rubies/chests problem, as soon as 24h of double drop have ended, I stopped receiving BOTH chests and rubies :joy: So they took away both candy and cookie.


Bro, please check it today - after double drop rate is over. I see drop rate has returned to the pre “Happiness/QoL” adjustments (+30% drop rate). After those adjustments it was ~20% chance to get 1 chest from 1 drop point. Now its the same as was before - ~15%. Looks like PG has messet up with all recent drop rates adjustments :))


Pg don’t care about us they only care about the people that invest boat loads a month into the game. Us that spend 100/200 monthly or that’s free to play always get the bird, they knew about this problem and continued to ignore its for 2 weeks while they still collect our money from buying packages


“Nothing” has returned to 90,000 like before 30% boost.


Yeah, as soon as the double drop period ended it went back from chests to rubies for me. :expressionless:
Why is it so hard for them to get this right?


That’s so sad…