Rubies instead of chests


so its pre 30% drop rate increase?


Update, I got my candy again. I haven’t changed anything, did not reinstall the app, but all of the sudden I’ve just started getting chests again about 30 mins ago. :woman_shrugging:t3: It’s just changing so random. Furthermore getting statistically 2-3 per run.


I put a ticket in and they did something to “reset” my account. It seemed to take care of the monster ballista problem but I’m still getting rubies instead of chests… :frowning:


Still rubies :frowning:


What’s the name of the agent who helped you? Because mine is useless.


Never heard of that. What is it and where can I find it? Thanks for the help! :grin:


Oh. And still no chests, even though I contacted support… :persevere:


Here is the original data from @OrcaFrost but you need to learn how to read it probably, because it’s literally the list of all drops being updated every week.

you can use more user-friendly version by Morreion on the site by the link in this thread

It’s easier to use.
Either way, using the data of your latest drop you can see what you can 100% expect in all following drops during current event.


Arianne. I got her after I asked to have the issue escalated.


30% bonus to the bronze chest drop rate from a base was rolled back. Confirmed by testig. Do we escale?


Should at least get clarification from the PX team…


Honestly, after I just did 20 runs back to back (10 Atlas then 10 live base, non-event runs) and only getting 2 chests out of the 20…it feels like the rate is actually lower than before the 30% player initiative increase.

@Arelyna can this please be looked at, and hopefully fixed for next event? :pray:


I am double checking with the team to see what may have happened. To my knowledge, nothing was changed.


Chest drops have definitely been horrible


Hey all! We discovered an issue where the drop rates were incorrect for this particular event compared to our other events. As a result, we will be issuing some type of compensation during this week’s Breeding Event.


That is great news. Atleast we weren’t crazy :slight_smile:


@Arelyna just flagging that I had no chest drops during treasure hunt, chest drops came back during double drop day, then no chest drops again immediately after double drop day ended.

I reinstalled yesterday (about 10hrs ago) multiple times, and now chest drops are back so I basically missed out on 2 days of chests. This is extremely unreliable.

Ticket 1538299


I see that my original post got the proper attention I really do hope it get fixed


Wondering why I only had issues during initial full game problem but after that it seemed fine, I had chests dropping the entire event. I did not calc the rate, but it was enough to notice chests and not be surprised about it.


I have chest drop like normal after treasure hunt.
However, the game lagged so much that I can’t effectively enjoy “2x” drop rate