Rubies instead of chests


I was wondering why I only got my standard number of chests during this pvp instead of a boost with the recent % upgrade… somewhere between 700 and 800 chests this go around… here’s to hoping the compensation is the actual 30% that players missed out on.


I had the exact same experience, Grumpy. And then chests randomly came back about an hour before the event ended. lol
You and I must have been on the same virus. :joy:


I didn’t even notice when the DDD (double drop day) ended, I had so many bronze chests dropping till the end that I was worried about my consumables stock x)


The event is over and guess what? Rubies again :unamused:


But you’re supposed to have rubies when event ends :thinking:


Nope, 1hr timers, isn’t it?


But rubies are supposed to drop as well.


But I’m only getting rubies, never a timer greater than 1m or 3m.
Now you have introduced doubts in my thoughts


1 hour timers have never been the only timer currency to drop between events. 3 minute timers are far more plentiful than 1 hours.

I’m not sure why 30 minute timers are so scarce though :joy:.


My question is…50% above the original rate or 50% above the 30% boost?

I’m also scared this is going to break again :see_no_evil:


Then it will be 80% the week after! Just keep upping the percentage until it goes right :stuck_out_tongue:

Think about it, by christmas every monument may drop two gold and 50 bronze chests…


50% increase on zero still equals zero.
PG should give us a compensation chest full of useful goodies as well.


Compared to previous events (not the last TR)
The chance of Nothing has been reduced from 65,000 to 37,275.

Thanks PG


And the others?


The others are the same. However, dropping “Nothing” will increase the probability.


Same as Gauntlet info above? Or do Team vs Solo events drop different, I ask cause I’ve noticed you compare Team to team and solo to solo before I think.
Edit: wait are silvers dropping?


To cut it short, it decreases the divisor from 81,146 to 53,421. Which means about 51.9% increase.
Compared to non pvp


You had the number for nothing so thought you’d have numbers for others handy similar to your

Gauntlet Temple Ratio
Nothing 65,000 74,970 81.21% → 71.37%
Bronze 15,000 30,000 18.74% → 28.56%
Silver 0 0 0
Gold 30 60 0.037% → 0.057%


Try to compare 15,000/81,146 and 15,000/53,421.
Or you can make the table :wink: (silver is 1,107)


69.776% nothing
28.079% bronze
2.072% silver
0.056% gold

Wasn’t aware the only one that changed was nothing event to event, thanks.