Rubies instead of chests


Hello everyone,
I’ve been getting this issue consecutively the last 5 weeks. Except for the fiasco that was last week, I think I’ve been doing the reinstall/relog reisntall/relog test and tries way too many times for far too long. Please let me know if someone know how to fix this from happening every event. I’m using iOS. Any advice is welcome. I’m even ready to buy a device if that will give me some peace.



Am I correct 9 8 monuments? Thanks @AeanaeA

I can farm Emberchestbase at average rate of 1min47seconds full cycle (attack button to attack button), so if we go conservative at 2 minutes for general rule (lag or distractions)? Edit: I did just the first quick 4 monuments in a cycle and the rate is very similar.

75.8 bronze per hr, 2.59 per run
5.59 silver per hr, 0.18 per run
0.15 gold per hr, 0.005 per run, 1786 (this is monuments destroyed not runs) runs per gold

67.4 bronze per hr, 2.25 per run
5.0 silver per hr, 0.16 per run
0.13 gold per hr, .0045 per run, 224 runs per gold


8, I think, not 9. I’ve never gotten a single drop from the water dragon shrine. Which would make sense, I guess - 8 islands, 8 monuments.


Still no global compensation from PG on there so called bug. Are they hoping we will forget about it? Are they going to say it’s too late now to work out what compensation they should allocate? Or don’t they care anymore about their players?
Come on people don’t let this rest show support and make PG accountable.


It seems like the 50% chest drop isn’t on any longer either (as compared to yesterday). No way to confirm this but I fly pretty consistently and have gotten about 1/3 less or worse.


I have noticed it turning on and off or at least that is what it “felt” like based on what I have been seeing dropping. I contacted support who said it was fine, but I went from between 2 - 4 chests a run at the start of the event to 0 - 1 chests later that evening, then back to 2 - 4 earlier today.

*Drops based on invader runs of which I’ve completed 126, so a fairly decent pool to compare across.


Still nothing from PG regarding global compensation?


Double drops for the whole breeding event?


not double but we got an in game mail saying increased by 50% for event to compensate for the issues


The global compensation for the issues during Temple Raid was the 50% increased bronze chest drops for the entirety of the Breeding Event.


Thank you, do you know if it stayed active though? It really seemed like day one was a noticeable increase but not so much since the first day.


My experience dictates it has stayed active and still is. Dry patches are pretty rare, most cases it’s minimum 2 chests / run. The most I got was 4 bronze + 1 silver on invader.


I guess I’m just unlucky. It’s hard to measure something that is invisible. Anecdotal evidence only


I did over 200 invader bases and ended up with 352 chests, with some random rrs raiding. Wish there was a formula that would let us calculate if that was accurate or not. Always nice to actually see what’s happening.

Hard to compare to the previous week pvp when quite often you are hitting above your level, but that is less than half of what I did in last weeks pvp… again hard to compare when a significant number of runs were not 4x energy. However in the fort previous to that I had 741 bronze chests… no idea of the number of runs though, time investment it seemed similar though.


Atlas/invader still have the same 8 monuments per run as regular bases?


6 on invader


So 25% less… making a little more sense.


No there’re 8 (possibly 9?) on invader
1 on 8, 2 on 6 turn, 3 after 6, and then right side of 5 and bridge. I swear of gotten a chest from the one on the right of 3, but didn’t take ss.


I don’t see them all since I play on IPad, but I get lucky shooting where I think it is based on watching my teammates.

So back to wondering where the difference is…


6 would be 336 chests in 200 runs, your 352 hits that about perfect. If 8 it’s 450 in 200 which would make you a little less. Also this is assuming Orca’s drop rate is same for regular and Atlas.