Rubies instead of chests


Hmm, apparently I’m wrong, lol


Thanks… so almost 30% less on invader… got it.


That’s a little off for regular at least as both statues between 3&4 drop chests making it 8.


I’ve never gotten one from right side of 5 or right side or 3. And when you say 6 turn you mean that wall that you usually shoot while flying over 7? (On the right) if so where is the second?

Picturing a naked base I shoot on on 8, that one on 7, face 6 and shoot 3 including the atlas wall, then the bridge at the back of 4. Those are the only things I’ve had chests drop from unless there’s a spot I just don’t know about


So no patch or fix ready for this issue yet? There is a high chance I’ll get the same issue for the sixth week again. :worried:

gets a panic attack and starts running around


Soo… whatever happened with this?


The compensation was the 50% increased bronze chest drops. Sorry we did not make that clear on the forums, but it was in the in-game event announcement.


Not 50%?


You are correct. I corrected my post. :slight_smile:


Chest are hardly dropping again?
Is PG being hacked by a rival company to ruin the game?
Just a thought.


I noticed a very low drop rate also. Probably averaging less than 1 per run during treasure hunt. This sets up to have many megas during event with 0 chest drops…


Atlas runs? Still not set on 6 monuments per run from talk above, but with 6 you should average 1.1 bronze per run, seems correct. Regular is 8 monuments which should average 1.48 bronze per run.
Assuming numbers are back to normal, Orca could confirm.
65K Nothing
15K Bronze
1107 or 1116? Silver
30 Gold
81137 or 81146? Total


Mix of invader and RSS runs on big bases. Not much is really dropping. Couple of 1 minute and 3 minutes and a chest every other run or so…


Hey all! That is super odd for sure. I will double check with the team shortly.


I got 4 chests since the chest hunt started. Did about 15-20 runs all together.


10 runs, 19 bronze
Bronze is 18.487% I got 23.75% in 10 runs

Isn’t farming supposed to be scaled some on top 3 atk power vs the defense power of base?

I total 47.9M for top three, base is 63M in map screen and 33M in info. That’s 131.5% and 68.89% of my power.

10 more, 12 bronze
15% in these 10
77.7% and 40.7% (atk/def)

10 more, 18 bronze
88,857.55% and 46,544.43% (atk/def)

10 more, 17 bronze
Original 131.5% and 68.89% (atk/def)

Running total
40 runs, 66 bronze

Looks like past 100% top 3 atk over map def gives same, but under 100% gives less. Suspect some that are getting low chests are under 100%. I didn’t notice silver though, 2% rate with 320 monuments should have been 6ish silver, I don’t think I missed em…

Rabbit, :man_shrugging: lol


You get all of our chests! Outrageous! :rofl:


I don’t think it is scaled above 100%, just down from it.

And scaling amongst top dragons is a rumor, not sure of the truth to it, whether it’s active roster or roster overall, against overall DP of base (stored vs active towers), or anything. Nobody has done enough testing to rule anything conclusively.


I can try minimum atk, and my max sometime today.

Others could do 10 and post their numbers. Suggest hit a regular base where we know 8 monuments per run, unless we can confirm Atlas is 6?


Doing 10 is useless.
If you don’t do 200+ of a single scenario (same dragon, same base, same monuments, etc) you are going to run into errors due to small sample size.