Rubies instead of chests


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But then that is just a full post quote, frowned upon quoting self.
I’m looking for the blue linked “post …” some do. Desktop is hyperlink with text to display as “post …” and address the link you show.


That’s a quote,

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Post 276 shows how some might have their top 3 strongest dragons, the green atk numbers, totaling higher than the bases def shown in the attack map screen. This seems to cause lower chest drop rates.

The Lookie Here is what I was looking for, thanks!

Flaknicehole, I’m not getting your way? /276…


just add the post number to the end of the topic with a forward slash preceeding. It will do the “preview” by default if done on forum. Outside of forum it brings you to the post number desired.


Wait, so you are saying since my attack power is 11.4B the only way to get the right chest drops is is to hit bases higher than 11.4B?


If 11.4B is your three green atk powers total, not your overall roster total. Easiest thing to do will be unboost and or a quick swap of the heavy hitters while chest farming.


Yep that’s the total of the 3 green… Very interesting​:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: I will have to try that next time. Unfortunately doesn’t help in PVP.



Once again chest drops are switching on and off. First hour I got quite a few. Now I’m only getting the occasional clock. Most times getting nothing at all from monuments.



got this issue starting with last event. PG made some minor changes to my account. Need to reinstall the game. Guess what, right, nothing changed. Next was said that this can happen when using one account on different devices or more than one account at the same device. Guess what, right, using just one acc on one device. Since there was nothing more support could do, I got 30 bronze chests. I offered them to give back all the goodies I get destroying monuments. Instead asked for the same amount of bronze chests since one can find sigils opening bronze chests. Never get 1 sigil destroying monuments. Well if 30 bronze chests are the maximum I’m about to leave this game.




Im not getting chest this event! What a good start to a new season :roll_eyes:



the first 2 days I got bronze chests, about 130. The last days getting only goodies. In my opinion every time I get something destroying a monument it’s a bronzie and not only when I get +10 rubies. Otherwise I couldn’t get 130 bronzies when it worked. And now only a few in more than 2 days. The real problem is that PG is aware of this for long time. But either some employees are incompetent to solve this. Or they just don’t care and are not willing to solve it.




I actually got an abundance of bronze chests this breeding event. Quite a few silver ones and even a gold one. I actually thought PG finally found the glitch.
Then I did something stupid and updated. Now all I’m getting from monuments are 1 and 3 minute timers no sign of rubies or anything of any real use.
Come on PG are you that greedy for money that you now resort to nerfing monument drops to useless stuff?



the german support wrote to me that last event this problem affected all players for some time. It would be unfair to other players if only I get some compensation. The other reason why they don’t want to provide compensation is that they 1st want to implement a solution. But seems they work on it for months without a result. And also this time the reason that caused this problem was different than before. But not a word what reason it was. Before the problem was caused by playing multiple accounts on the same device. All this sounds to me as a bad excuse for being incompetent or not willing to solve this problem.
What kind of answer did you get from PG?!?




New event same issues. Chest drop has been nerfed again.


Which event do you compare this event with?


Breeding event.
They’ve even nerfed the amount of sigils being dropped in the nerfed chest drop rate.
I’m beginning to believe PG are doing this on purpose to try to get us to spend money.


Like I said previously, just consider that last breeding is a blessing.

Any proof of this?


Nope just pure conspiracy. His post history is just a lot of complaining about chest drops. Unless you have proof @CaptainHook869 (which I sincerely doubt since orca keeps track of drop tables), take your accusations and your tin hat elsewhere.



Just did 16 runs (enough to get to wildfire) got 0 chest drops from monuments. I don’t think I actually saw a single thing drop in any run.