Rubies instead of chests


This is due to the level disparity. Chest drops are based on your ap and the bases dp. Hitting that far down makes it very rare for a chest drop. See previous requests about this event to raise the base levels in order to give chest drops.


I call BS. I ran my atlas mine and beast 5 times and there were no Drops of any type.


Just you?

Try reinstalling?

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I reinstalled and I am up to 27 event runs and 10 or more invader runs and nothing has dropped from a monument. Support says there is no known issues in drop rate, so I guess I’m just really unlucky


Hello community,

the last few postings are not proper to this subject. The drop rate of chests differs and I don’t know if PG can change the percentage. This topic is about the problem of getting rubies instead of chests.

The last answer from German support is that not all players were affected. On March 11th another employee of German support wrote that all players were affected. This communication is so intransparent about this problem. Well, looking forward to see when PG will finally solve it. The year 2525 isn’t so far.




As I’ve stated before, no players have been compensated for this issue yet. While I understand how frustrating this whole thing is, it would be even more frustrating to everyone if someone were to get compensation and they were not.

Once this has been verified as fixed, we will come up with compensation for all affected players. Until then, please bear with us.


But this has been going on for months. Sometimes it’s working most times it doesn’t.
We keep getting the same response. Once it’s fixed. How about fixing it then?
In the meantime the double drop rate that was implimented last major event appeased most players until that broke.


Hello WD universe,

it’s happening again. Didn’t play during night, woke up and again getting goodies instead of chests. I think this problem occurs every time I’m not playing for few hours, can’t tell exactly how much. Once it happend I was at a birthday party and twice I didn’t play at evening/night.

Maybe someone can confirm?!?

Kind regards



I am having problem with chest drops as well. I am gettig chests but it is like few, just did 7 attacks and join 7 attacks but only got 3 bronze chests from all. Does it look like 30% increase in drops? Does anyone have same issue?


Someone needs to invent a term for hypochondria that applies to WD.

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