Rubies instead of chests


Same, people all over league chat as well as myself and everyone I talked to aren’t getting any chests…


You would think that since every single ingame purchase is ultra premium that they would deliver a premium product with atleast mediocre support neither of which they do. Instead it’s a mediocre product with condescending support that supply absolutely no help or compensation for your loss.


Uninstalled and reinstalled still nothing, not even rubies for me just speed ups & spells FYI


I’ve gotten plenty of rubies just no chests, and as far as my ticket I was told that the dev team said there was absolutely nothing wrong in game that if I wanted a chance at a chest to attack players atleast ten levels above me, well i e attacked a base 239 levels above me several times still only getting rubies lol


Restarted game multiple times - no chests
Cleared cache + restart multiple times - no chests
Reinstalled game + restart multiple times - no chests
Ask friends+LC - no one has received a chest


this is the response I received from support.


They told me this too, so I took a tally and did 10 atlas invader bases and 10 bases at least 30 levels above me and didn’t get anything, they didn’t have much to say to me after that other than “Sorry but there isn’t an issue”


I am still getting rubies and not getting Glory now in Atlas as well. So there is an issue.


I just recieved same response after replying to my original ticket


Maybe this is part of the Player Happiness Initiative :smirk:


Many of us are having the same issue also​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I had this issue last week…uninstall/reinstall…worked for a little while. Starts dropping rubies/timers/spells again…put in a ticket. They “tweaked” my account & I uninstall/clear/reinstall again…works…event ends…new starts & back to the same problem. Done with uninstall/clear/reinstall…my teammates aren’t getting anything but rubies/etc either. :woman_facepalming:t4:

Is there going to be treasure, in this events hunt?

@Arelyna please reference ticket #1533427

I did all the normal stuff, i.e., hard reboot, uninstall and reinstall game. No change, rubies and timers only.


Ok was told my topic asking if we were going to get treasure this event was closed and I was told to post here, well I am not still getting rubies and am not getting treasure. Bet if the pay option was down, PG would be all over fixing that to work! Off to reinstall, maybe I will get rubies instead of nothing but a bronze chest in ten runs…


Response from PG:

Hello DragonMage,

Thank you very much for contacting us.

Please note that the team is aware of an issue with chests not dropping during the current event for some players. The team is already looking into fixing this issue as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We appreciate your patience and understanding on the matter.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us again with a fresh inquiry should you have any other issues in the future.

All the best and thank you so very much for playing War Dragons!


Checked the usual csv tweaks and found nothing about RewardDistribution.


Which means what exactly? :thinking: Chest drops are completely missing?


This is what I received from support:

If I was getting +10 rubies per run I’d be estatic and just going until I couldn’t grind no more but it’s only dropping 10 rubies every 10 runs or more.

I hope they resolve this very soon because It’s going to ruine my event progression. I’m moving the next 4 days so I was counting on the bronze chests during Treasure hunt.


I’ve reinstalled and run about 20 bases between 25 and 100 levels above me and still haven’t gotten a single chest. I guess treasure is considered 1 minute speedups, ballista resist and occasionally 10 rubies


Pretty much…


You must have got the same rep I did lol as I got same exact response :roll_eyes::rofl: