Rubies instead of chests


Yep they should compensate us for the loss of resources. I hope we get 10+ gold chests and 20 bronze chests after hunt ends.


It’s an automated message sent to all who use the triggered keywords.


It’s really obnoxious for me since I grind about 100 bronze chests per day during events in order to stay semi-competitive… This is ESPECIALLY important for me as the 300 wall looms my way.


That it be😂


Did the uninstall, reinstall, I am not getting rubies, but get one bronze chest about every 10 runs! This is really ridiculous, instead of telling us to reinstall, how about fix it.


Silly question, but is anyone actually getting chests? I’ve not seen one person confirm they are.


I’ve seen a few people say they are, but I haven’t seen screen caps or anything. I would assume it IS working for some.


Nobody on my team is getting them.

(And most have reinstalled multiple times)


Same with our team No chests at all


This hunt phase would have provided close to 2k bronze for me😡
5-10 gold and 20-30 silver plus all the side drops from boats and bridges!
I wont be holding my breath expecting to see pg compensating me anywhere
Near that amount! :rage:


2,000 bronze is physically impossible in a 24 hour period. To my knowledge some where between 1,200-1,400 is the absolute maximum assuming you ran chest bases for 24 hours straight, no sleep, no breaks, 0 chatting, 0 any other activity in that time.


For the fourth week in a row, I am not receiving bronze chests even after the event has started. Last three weeks, I created three tickets, got responses that they are looking into it, advise to restart, reinstall and re-login. Did the reinstall once or twice and it sort of fixed itself.

This week I have created a ticket several hours ago and only got the automated response that a fix is being worked on and nothing more. I’ve already reinstalled the game six times now (iOS so no clear cache). And also logged off and logged back in three times. Still no luck.

We shouldn’t have to do the reinstall thing every week. This is not a device specific issue and so shoudn’t be fixed this way. Please @Arelyna if you could look into this or get this resolved, it would be a great help.


“Treasure Hunt”, you say. :man_facepalming:


If the expectation is you need to routinely uninstall and reinstall an app for it to work properly, then I’m not sure why users should be content with that. :thinking:


Problem is, it doesn’t work all the time. Just sometimes. So even that is not a solution.
I’ve reinstalled about 7 times today and nothing has changed except me downloading the Atlas assets over and over. :expressionless:


Same for me but I normally get around 500-1000 bronze and if I’m lucky 1 Gold.
But they know for a fact this is an error on their side. They recognize that it’s not our game files but something they altered or failed from bad code.
Because this is happening to many I expect that we have a high percentage of getting a

Sorry for inconvenience gift pack

Like they have before on delays which is essentially the same thing considering players are missing out on the entire Treasure hunt phase.

I’m hoping it’s around the ballpark of:
20x Gold Chests
20x Health Potions
20x Silver Chests
20x Bronze Chests


1000x WinterJól Sigils
100x Bronze Chests


8k rubies (one can always hope) but I seriously doubt they will give rubies or Sigils or Embers.


Going to bed but still not fixed sadly…





残念なことにPGからまだ何も答えがない :sweat:



Now all my store packs are gone. Just some Starter Pack and Super Pack there…