Rubies instead of chests


Buy super sigil chest’s to replace missing chest drops. How am I the only person that thought of this?


My other account has the same issue, and I am not getting rubies or chests


Still no chests here



Same here, I’ve had this issue off and on for about two months now. I’m getting quite tired of the uninstall and reinstall with out success especially going into a PVP event. Would also seem that along with not chests dropping I’m also having an issue with my store being empty of all but two packs, so even if I wanted to spend not a whole lot of options. :man_facepalming:


I guess this is just another PG fail.

Hunt the treasure and we will put a few gum drops in the treasure chest.

Maybe this is a way PG is hoping to increase their revenue. No chest drops and make people pay if they want any toys for PVP

@Arelyna any updates? Would be nice to at least get chests sometime before the actual event starts.


14 hours into treasure hunt 0 chests


Same issue here. Reinstalled a total of twelve times so far without any success. I got my packs back but still no chests. The Treasure Hunt is almost over and no updates even on the ticket except for “We are aware. We are looking into this. Please be patient.”

This PvP event will become meaningless if I don’t get chests from my attacks… :frowning:


Still have the problem. Reinstalling doesnt help. Ticket is registered several hours ago. Nothing changes. And all these happens along with QoL activities planning and during Bug bashing era in WD?


You’d better fix this problem, and many other root problems too. Like people have mentioned here, we are paying customers who deserve to have a functional game. Thanks


Day 2 of Treasure Hunt…still nothing dropping but Rubbies😡PG what gives?


Amen! I think they have forgotten that we are customers…


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I Have been getting rubies mostly, but got some random chests but they are rare and only when I hit mines in atlas…


Honestly speaking though, I pride myself in being able to farm and grind myself up the tiers. So not expecting any compensation.

@Arelyna all we ask is for this issue to be fixed in a timely fashion so that we can put in the additional effort and farm ourselves a good number of chests in the event. Any official ETA would also give us some idea of a scope or timeframe for the fix.


Still no chests this morning… very frustrating, that’s between 500 and 700 chests lost this event if they don’t fix it.

I can not access the current event

If it wasnt for grinding I would never get anywhere during events, but due to grinding I’m usually top three in my team on most events. If this is fixed soon I can grind enough it wont hurt me too bad but as far as compensation we deserve it as bad as game has been but again even if there is compensation it will be negligible at best


Exactly my point. It still isn’t all bad if they can get it fixed soon.

Irrespective of whether or not there is any compensation and what they might be, time is more valuable to most of us. The sooner this gets resolved, the better. :slight_smile:


Little strong don’t you think?


It PG’s new thing The treasureless hunt phase.

No chests dropping, and ticket tool broken