Rubies instead of chests


Count your blessings… I’m not even getting rubies. Just 1 and 3 minute speed ups and occasional defense armor :unamused::face_with_raised_eyebrow:



Same problem here - for me and for my team in general. Rubies if we’re lucky; crappy timers and single boosts if we aren’t. Definitely not finding chests.


Whoa whoa whoa. Stop the bus. Hold on coach.

Why in the heck should I have to be the one to fix the issue of a dysfunctional product? I’m the consumer ffs.

I must commend the ability to push out such a business model and have it succeed. Let’s screw up basic mechanic functions of the product and place the burden of repair on the people that purchase it. BRILLIANT!

Bravo :clap:t3: Well played, well played indeed.


I am actually super excited about an apology gift, hope it will be 5 bronze, 1 x 26000 wood pack , 25 sigils and glorious 50x tower boosts


1,400 bronze / day the problem persists would be nice


Why think small? I bet we could get a whole 15 healing potions out of it if we’re lucky!


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Well I hate to bust your bubble😂but I routinely break 1k bronze
in a single hunt phase. :man_shrugging:
And yes to get close to 2k Requires a lot of hours of flying
but it can be done!:crazy_face:
I normally find between 1k and 1.7k per hunt phase slightly
less during the actual event per day depending on event and
the time I have available to fly🤪and since they have
screwed with drop and added those timers outside events and now
almost every event has had some issues concerning chest drop!
And it’s not like pg doesn’t know this causes issues yet they
keep changing things without testing its effects on the game!:man_facepalming:


Probably calling PG employees “idiots” and “dummies” might have something to do with it?

It’s OK to disagree and complain and all but typically folks don’t like personal criticisms.


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Could you please keep the conversation civilised? There is no need for name calling. If you can’t be constructive, just keep quiet.


And exit forum, I’ve been a member of many forums in my time and never once have I had a post removed over general comments, I never singled out one person so again kinda lame


Players are so greedy! /sarcasm


Well then there’s a first time for everything. Please keep it civil next time. Have a good week.


May I add greedy and truly bothered with Ryuu,

because there are so many complaints for Ryuu they cant manage something trivial as treasure hunt


The point of this whole post was to find out if people were still getting rubies instead of chests. Well last night that is what was happening to me. So what did I do, restart the game. That didn’t work so I uninstalled and let the 99 messages and base explode but I was back in and going. Only now nothing. No rubies and no chests. Didn’t see much point in continuing to go do runs unless I wanted to get XP and I’ll do my quests later so I logged out and found something else to fulfill my time. Does this suck, yes. Am I going to come here and blast whoever for it? No. I’m just reporting the same issues as those above.


rubies here too…

Even after erasing the game, rebooting the device and installing the game again…

I hope they can solve this problem quickly.

At the beginning of last PvP event it happened too, but only for a few hours.


Summary - I think that it’s safe to say from the previous 117 posts:

  • This isn’t the usual bug at the start of an event.
  • It’s affecting all players.
  • Restarting doesn’t help.
  • Rebooting doesn’t help.
  • PG are working on it, with no current estimation for a due date.
  • Players want sizeable reimbersement for the bug (who knows but we can all hope).


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I created a ticket, still waiting on automated response, must be sleeping or broken as well.