Rubies instead of chests


I am still looking for anybody who has gotten a single chest. Hi Jersey


I’m sure they are swamped with tickets regarding this. Considering PG has been in the office less than an hour, if that, we might have to wait a bit for a solution.

I would guess they’ll compensate people in some way or another though (I’m in no way stating that is a certainty, just a hopeful guess)


Understood, and just want to inform them that my account is effected. The automated response posted here says, “…chests are not dropping during the current event for some players.” Hopefully by reporting the effect players helps them figure out what is wrong.

Thanks for the reply PoseidonPQ


Here is a link i just received for updates to the issue.


We are aware of this happening for players. We are still investigating the issue. Unfortunately, I do not have further information at this time.

Treasure hunt without chests

Truthfully? Last time I reinstalled on the suggestion of support it broke my game for three days. I might actually uninstall and leave it uninstalled the next time that’s necessary.


If there wasn’t a game update (was there?), could it be a combination of PVP event and runic chests that triggered this? Would it be too much to ask to turn off the runic chests to see if that restores bronze drops?

Seems like it’s always been a PVP event that triggers chests problems though this one seems much more systemic.


Wish I was surprised that this issue is not yet resolved. May need to re-think my spending for this game.


I am not getting chests and rubies too. WTH is going on PG.


Me too …


Might be worth a try. It did happen the last pvp. But for me it happened during fort as well.


Would be nice if we had one event something wasn’t broken. What I am getting is once in awhile rubies and the rest is 1 minute timers and a few odd things. Still no chests :frowning:


I did 2 invaders in atlas and got 2 bronze chests (1 per run) but nothing in 10 normal attacks just now.


My LC just lit up with chest finally starting 10 minutes ago


Hallelujah, chests are dropping!


Only did one run in Atlas but got two chests so they seem to be working on my end again. Yay!


Delightful news! :blush:


Too little, too late. C’mon 23 hours into Treasure Hunt?


Still not getting chests, I’m reinstalling for the millionth time… Fingers crossed. But I agree, this was too little too late. No such thing as a treasure hunt phase without treasure.


Hopefully this is still being worked on as I have yet to get more than one bronze chest per run.

One is better than none, but something still doesn’t seem right to me.