Rubies instead of chests


Treasure hunt over and still no bronze drops


Still no chests when hitting outside of event, , what a joke !


Can confirm I’m not getting chests still. I’m not going to be re-installing this game anymore. Please fix this issue.


Quit the game. clear cache and it should work. It did for me.


What a silly thing to advise people, is it not a standard practice by anyone with a smart device to close out all applications when they finish using them? Fact of the matter chests are still not falling for most people and no matter how many people telling you to clear the cache or uninstall game fixes an issue clearly that’s on the developers end and not ours.


Well event started then chests started as well. Coincidence? I don’t think so. @Arelyna


No compensation, no surprise.


Looks like we may be getting global compensation?



The “unfortunate incident” being an intern forgot to push a button? @DragonPunch :rofl:

Thanks for the reply. I’ll be farming some chests then…


What about all those who can’t be on during that time? How about those of us that use Treasure Hunt as our life line because we have busy lives?


You got a day. Treasure hunt was a day. :man_shrugging:


Did you not understand what I said above??
Treasure Hunt was not functioning for me and many the entire 24h it was available.

I don’t think double drop on temple raid runs is a solution. So I have to spend hundreds of heal potions just to get the bronze chests I would have if the game was functioning properly? That’s BS.

We should get global compensation! IFs, Energy’s, and Chests.
The whole point of Treasure Hunt is that we don’t have to spend currency’s on runs to get much needed resources. That’s why everyone grinds first 24h with ember.


I tell you more - bronze chests drop rate from the base drop points has got nerfed. Looks like its back to the old value - before the recent upgrade.


Why would you have to spend heals during event when you wouldn’t spend heals during hunt? Is ember suddenly out of commission during event? Is he lost somewhere?


Yeah I noticed that - I may try a reinstall to see how it goes. @DragonPunch can you confirm if we have to reinstall?


Why would you have to spend heals during event when you wouldn’t spend heals during hunt? Is ember suddenly out of commission during event? Is he lost somewhere?

Ill explain it again or try to for you.
No ember is not lost, if he was I’d have flyers everywhere :cry:
I use Treasure Hunt phase to farm bronze with ember (ember=zero potions used).
Attacking bases on temple raid requires better dragons to beat the bases assuming you want a good drop rate from bases higher than you.

  • I have tested ember bases outside of temple raid and they have normal drop rate (normally 1 per run).

So they are not receiving the double drop rate as described by PG. I assume they meant Temple Raid runs after that as in attacking PVP bases to get double drop.
Which I tested and it is in fact dropping double bronze on PVP but only 1x on ember runs?🤷

So with all that said I don’t feel that is fair. We should have got Global Compensation or drop rates doubled on normal PVE runs(Ember runs).

On top of all of this I’m moving today and the next 3 days. I was counting on Treasure Hunt phase to gather rss so I could pop on when I had the time and not be totally screwed by end of event.


The PG statement specifically said double drop rates for a period of time. There was no disclaimer regarding type of bases, where you attack whatever. And I seriously doubt they would even be bothered to put a throttle like that on.

So instead of jumping up and down yelling “not fair!” why don’t you take a step back, look at it objectively, and realise you can actually get more chests this week than last week? Then go out and make some runs instead of hanging around here complaining. :wave:


Ok I’ve been nothing but nice and respectful to you.ill ask that you please show the same respect to me.

  1. You are not reading my posts or fully comprehending them!

  2. As described in last post I’m not getting double drop rate when using ember.
    Only when attacking PVP which you must understand costs heals. This is both unfair and a waist of time compared to Treasure Hunt and leaves many short of thier goals.
    If treasure hunt worked for me during those 24h I would have gotten at least 800-1000 chests.
    But if I’m limited by heal pots I won’t get more than 30.

Obviously this has effected many differently and my suggestion was brought on by support suggesting Global Compensation.
They in fact agreed it was inconvenience and set many back.


I just did two runs (obviously not statistically significant) on PGCheetah and got 6 chests - seems about right to me :man_shrugging: