Rubies instead of chests


Small sample but did 3 invader runs and got 1 :man_shrugging:


:rofl: I think we can speculate all day - I’ll let @OrcaFrost tell us if anything can be seen in the game files…


So what’s the difference between farming using ember on treasure hunt phase and farming using ember during battle phase under the same battle type which is matchmaking/bookmark


Now back to rubies and consumables for me :joy::man_facepalming:


Since the others are minuscule in size (9), I’ll use Chest only

Comparing between last PvP (Gauntlet) and Current (Temple)

  Gauntlet Temple Ratio
Nothing 65,000 74,970 81.21% → 71.37%
Bronze 15,000 30,000 18.74% → 28.56%
Silver 0 0 0
Gold 30 60 0.037% → 0.057%

@DragonPunch Is this double?

The capture during Team Gauntlet is done at Treasure Hunt phase.
The rough estimate is about 13:20.


tag @Arelyna since DragonPunch almost never responds me :pleading_face:


Please look again. The chest drop has stopped and speedups and very minor drops have taken the place of chests. Before anyone says a word. I’ve already reinstalled 5 times trying to rectify


That is…not double… :rofl:


You have 24 hours of double chests, if you aren’t getting them with Ember you still would have done 24 hours of other runs to earn those. So the 24 hours of double chests basically makes up for it.

I am getting double chests doing Invader bases, and regular runs. I feel it was a fair trade off for the problems yesterday, but I guess can’t please everyone.


Update: I’m finally getting bronze double drops from ember runs. Thanks PG :+1:


Update: I am getting no chests :+1: sweet way to spend double chest day :roll_eyes:


Have you tried reinstalling since they fixed the issue?


I was getting chests for a little bit and now I’m getting rubies again. Perfect… exactly what I need during pvp. 2 days of losing chests. And I haven’t received a response to my ticket after quite some time.


No but it just started working randomly again now. I avoid reinstalls like the plague usually just breaks 99 things to fix 1 thing


This is my reality aswell, and pvp events usually have events that breaks it again if you get it yo work for a short while


it technically is double , but also increased the “nothing” parameters. Such sneaky ways to deny customers by manipulating even numbers inside and thinking we player base are dumb.

What PG did:

What should’ve been:

Gauntlet Temple Ratio
Nothing 65,000 49,970 81.21% → 62.44%
Bronze 15,000 30,000 18.74% → 37.48%
Silver 0 0 0
Gold 30 60 0.037% → 0.074%

Thank you for being absolute farce and lying while even trying to cover up numbers . Great job PG


Sad…as if us getting a few more bronze chests really matters to them either way. But not surprising


Probably a stupid question. But if you can change the settings to give us double drops, why cant you change them to give us normal drops during treasure hunt…?


Not stupid. I’d assume the treasure hunt was a bug/glitch so a change then would have effected nothing as 0 would still have dropped. It took them 24 hrs to find and fix the bug/glitch and then it was at this point they can change rates and it actually work.


PG employs humans who work in shifts, not robots. Remember that no one is available 24/7. I believe this issue was not known to them by the time it turned night over there, so we needed to wait until they started their new day. Then the cause was identified and fixed pretty quickly.


:robot: they have one robot…? :rofl: