Rubies, not bronze chest

So since yesterday my game is no longer giving me bronze chests. It gives me ten rubies instead of dropping bronze chests. I had a teammate fly with me on an atlas run, and he got two bronze chests, I got 20 rubies. I contacted support, and they were uh, well, supportive I guess? They did check my activity and found that I indeed was owed 10 bronze chests, and they credited me with them. So kudos on the improved support. This is a vast improvement over past experiences where it took five conversations to come up with some generic apology stating that the issue would be fixed, but no compensation was ever rendered, or we’d get some generic one size fits all apology gift that typically didn’t come close to adequate compensation.

However, despite the improved customer service, I’m still getting rubies, not bronze chests. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this? I’m not hearing about anyone else having this issue.


I would much rather have rubies than crappy bronze chests


Maybe you’re just getting very lucky? I’m getting regular bronze chests drops just fine.

I was having this problem as well. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it fixed it.

While we are on the subject the cost of a bronze chest is not consistent with what drops from the monument. So PG should either increase the ruby drop from the monument to match the cost of a bronze chest, or decrease the ruby cost of a bronze chest.

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I would farm some rubies. Outside of events, the ruby drop is lower than chests are during events. So if you’re getting rubies, that’s awesome.

Not awesome at all. 10 rubies is not even close to the potential value of a bronze chest. Also my rate seems to be affected as well, I’ve only pulled in 20 rubies today and I’ve run at least 20 attacks. Probably more. Furthermore, I only open bronze chests during pvp events. Helps me conserve rubies and gold chests for breeding. There is nothing at all good about this glitch. In their latest message, support asked if I wanted to exchange rubies for the missing bronze chests. Kinda rude if you ask me. But I’ll do it, because a bronze chest is definitely worth more than 10 rubies.

Maybe you’re having bad luck with drop rate, too. I know I am. I’m up to 616k event score and in all the grinding for all that wood (literally have used 0 shards/embers this event) I’ve got a whopping 57 bronze chests, and lord knows how many attacks that’s from. That also includes xp runs, too. (I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the issue of rubies dropping instead of chests, just saying)

Reinstall will fix the issue

Reinstall did in fact work. Thank you👍

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