Rubies, to wait or not to wait, this is the question

Good day,

Little context, I am lvl 244, obsidian and will be mythic obsidian next breeding event. I don’t spend other then elite. I have enough timer to reach 252 but I don’t see the point, I am stuck on builders hut and my main dragon, pathox won’t lvl until 262 or so.

I have a pretty significant amount of rubies (near 300k) and would like to use them to buy gold chests at some point next season.

Now I am facing a dilemma, should I use them and gain a significant amount of lvl and reach or be pretty close to lvl 300 early next season but with out any ruby left?

Or should I wait and see what is going to happen with the 300 wall problematics. In that case maybe I should keep my rubies until lvl 300 and be lucky enough to benefits from the 300 wall resolution if there is any.

What do you think?

How close are you to accomplishing your goals this season? I personally was planning on trying to push for lvl 300 but considering I was bacially done with the season it made more sense for me to stop at 275.


I don’t really have season goal, I am looking to get the maximum of every situation. But all the recent initiative from PG don’t let me see what should be my next move. I don’t want to spend tons of rubies now and realize they will scale up gold chest content after lvl 300.

If you can wait, I would wait.

At worst they will give you a good jump on next season’s mythic(s).

Maybe PG will do something about the wall by then. To be honest, if they don’t you will be sad how far that amount of hoarding DOESN’T get you.

Good luck!


I’m in a similar position, but since I don’t want any more winter sigils I’m definitely waiting for next season. I’m not waiting for any 300 wall solutions however, that could be months or more. When it gets here it gets here, until then I’ll keep growing to keep my base up with my breeding as long as I can.


I would definitely wait, especially if you have nothing else you want to get this season

I thing there is a lot more to think about in your situation (i’m in a similar one).

  • Breeding: you are doing pretty good! If you keep growing like that (you get enough tokens to do so) you will hit the 300 wall too. In order to breed harbingers together (Estril+Opes if you follow Red’s best breeding path) you need to be 300

  • Fortification: do you have enough timers to get to 300 by when you need/want to breed harbingers together? If not, you might want to save some rubies to open gold chest when needed. You might want to use Fortification Planner [download link, fill out your own info] from Mechengg's Spreadsheet Vault in order to plan your growth up to level 300.

  • Seasonal Mythics: this season we have 2 great Mythic dragon. Do you already have one or both? Maybe you want to open some chests (Sigils only or gold and sigils…) to get the one you don’t have…

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You’re better off waiting. Like, if you like the mythics next season, great! They’re probably very attainable with that amount of savings. But also the fact that you’re opening gold chests for sigils will massively improve your progression, not to mention the prizes from the season lines.
I would recommend opening gold chest during a pvp on the discount period for the first dragon (stop opening when you have the discount dragon), and then opening the rest of the chests/rubies during the season during fort. The pvp is so you can have a consistent performance on pvp’s Throughout the season, and the fort is for the elemental embers that are in such high demand. You will naturally get eggs as a byproduct of your openings.


Exactly what Lutrus said with one add on.

Try and get your breeding up to snuff in the mean time, ensuring that you can get L60 towers going very soon. You don’t want to grow your level too fast if you aren’t going to get your hut to 36 in very short order. If you already have a L36 hut, then ignore me :slight_smile:


What is the benefit of opening gold chests during fort?

for this


Elemental Embers to level flaks

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pre 300 you can go up to L59, right?
According to he path, I get 10 obsidian eggs with Lokan (from two obs) and the other 10 from Estril (two harbs, level 300 for that)

Because for 60 you need 12 obsidian eggs for the hut, that you get (the latest 2) from pairing harbingers, that you need to be 300 for breeding. Bottom line, in 4 forts including this one I need to go from 221 to 300 to breed harbingers. Leveling all the kill to 59 doesn’t provide enough xp, I’ll need to level another tower, that I have until next fort to think about :thinking: (ie: will be another new tower type released?)
I don’t think I’ll be able to reach 300 in 4 forts anyway, meaning that at least for 1 breeding I’ll be looking at the roof doing nothing. Or getting those green eggs

Trying to pair breeding and base is not easy.

60 :slight_smile:
Go slightly off path and keep breeding for lokan eggs til you get 12 instead of 10 (my path was extra wraith eggs btw, so can’t confirm lokan specifically for your path)


I sense a disturbance in the force

My builder hut is lvl 33 at the moment. I will wait and gather more egg tokens before lvling and upgrade my kill island when I will unlock hut.

Also, to answer @permacat .The problem I have with seasonal mythic is the gear. It took me more then one season to reasonably lvl gear for one mythic. Therefore, I don’t want a mythic every season but maybe every 2 seasons or even less then that.

Also , I still have 550k token to gather before hitting 300 wall for breeding. For me this is 3 events if I am not spending rubies.

Pg, you have 3 months to update on the 300 wall :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Surprised you didn’t say 3 hours haha


You know, if it is in 3 hours, I am buying a 100$ pack today!

Pg, your move!


If your are in a rush you can keep breeding for Estril with Rhyo+Hedran in order to get an Obsidian egg for “only” 14k tokens each…

For any other combination you can check or

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I’m in S Rhyo R #2 path, I don’t have Hedran. But I can do what Mech said, that is also 14k :slight_smile:

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