Ruby breeding: Punishing lazy players?

I know that this is discussing useless thing among useless things…
The rate of diligent elite player is approx. 80 token/30 rubies…
And we have this…

But in this breeding page, we have
Like, seriously?
Even the expensive token’s rate is 750 token for 1500 rubies.
Here, we have 400 token (600 tokens worth pts) for 1500 rubies…

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Put the more expensive option in the more obvious place.

Pretty standard.

And you are getting the extra points for using rubies directly… But yeah, par for the course.

I used it only once. To get even more ruby prizes from achievement…


Me too :laughing:

But the 1500 ruby option has guaranteed progress!*

*As opposed to statistically likely progress on even the lowest probability breeds


:thinking: Perhaps someone should test it to get Noss early…
It has 2% chance.
:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I haven’t got Noss, but I won’t try that again. Ever.

What are you already clear quest “Breed 20 Eggs with 1.5K”?
If you not yet clear that quest, you can got prize 2K rubbies

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I have.

Using rubby for speedup egg mission is Better then “Buy Additional Eggs” or “Breed 20 Eggs with 1.5K”

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This :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: :t_rex:

I’d forgotten about the 2% breeds. Admittedly, the dragons they yield (Noss and Durga?) are forgettable, but I think this works out! A guaranteed fragment in a world where Noss is good and mystic fragments don’t exist is worth 1000 tokens there, and you get another 19 trials at normal odds, so the equivalent of 1380 tokens for 1500 gems. What a deal!

e: The breakpoint at which this becomes a better deal than buying egg with gems at 1500g for 750 tokens is
1 / ((750 - 380) / 20) = 5.4%
so it’d also be better than just gem-buying tokens for 5% breeds. (Amarok is the only one on Red’s paths, I believe.)

There are many places in this game that if you don’t pay attention you can get less value for money.

Example 1:
Store - Resource Tab - 20,000 rubies for $99.99 USD.
Store - Packs & Prizes Tab - 35,000 rubies for $99.99 USD. Plus many other toys.

Example 2:
Buying MegaCoin with zero energy after cost resets - 14 energy chests
Buying 100 Energy through the add energy after cost resets - 10 energy chests

Buyer beware with these games.


i think they need to have them over priced so the can claim you are getting a 70% discount when you buy a $99USD pack… If they didn’t have the over priced option they couldn’t really claim to be giving you a discount…