Ruby costs when speeding up increases


I was using some 1 hour clocks to speed up my prim level and I noticed the ruby cost at every 6 hour interval would increase instead of decreasing. I never use rubies to speed up but if anyone else does then you should be aware you could be paying more rubies for less time sped up. Has anyone else ever noticed this? Is this intended to work this way? It seems to me if less time is left the ruby cost should decrease.




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Could it possible be because each speedup is tied to a set ruby value? It could do the auto calculate based off the “apply multiple” figures of speedups that it uses most efficiently in speedups but may not necessarily be most efficient ruby wise?


A teammate put in a ticket. The response was they are aware of the issue and are investigating it. They said to watch the announcement section on the forums for future updates for fixes to the game.


Also known as “cut and paste” reply. Don’t hold your breath. i’m sure they’re

  1. NOT aware of this, and
  2. NO PLANS whatsoever to do anything about it.


Oh yeah it was very obviously a form letter response. I don’t waste rubies on it since they have much better uses but figured people need to be made aware of it in case they do use rubies to speed up.


Could be but I don’t think so, if that was the case than there is no room for error unless there is an actual mistake in the values. Also the conversion rate of speed ups for rubies often varies from place to place, making it very inefficient if they had to set the value for each speed up every-time they wanted a different conversion rate.

I think there is a formula in place with either bad rounding or a mistake in it.


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