Ruby drops during events?

I’m 99% sure that this Custoemr Service agent has no clue what he is talking about.

Just wanted to make sure before I respond to him. I’ve been getting ruby drops instead of chests since the Breeding event started. Also, honestly I’m tired of the beginner troubleshooting steps, every issue starts with the same solution… Reinstall the game.

@PGJared could you please look into my ticket #1157951

Thank you!


But that’s the only known solution here :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Happened to me 3 times. Everytime i had to reinstall to fix it.


This is an on going issue/bug its been around for a while but in this case re install actually works. You might be able to just clear cache too. I cant remember.

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I was able to rectify by clearing data and cache

First suggestion from IT to see if it fixes the problem… “Have you tried turning it off and back on again?” Clearly deleting and reinstalling the game is in the same vein as that advice :joy:

Worked for me for the past 20 years…


its like "hey i cant breed any harbingers yet, cause im at emerald dragons…

-We are aware of this Problem and we are currently working on it.
In the meantime try to reinstall the Game to see if it helps"

sarcasm off

Honestly i gave up writing to Support Agents.

i better try to fix things myself or with the Forum Community :roll_eyes:


The biggest issue I have is that the agent said “random intervals” which is not true. We all know when Rubies drop, when Chests are drop, and I don’t know what’s he smoking but besides that 1 breeding event which was “specials” event Tokens never drop… there’s nothing random in the intervals where those aforementioned things drop.

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Maybe he was referring to the fact that the drops randomly occur, rather than the fact that they will occur (with some degree of probability) during specific times? I.E. rubies are supposed to drop outside events and chests during events but the drops happen randomly rather than with every single monument destroyed.

Edit: the language in the support response seemed open to interpretation and maybe a little bit vague from my point of view.

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I usually get more chests from a run than rubies. Think I got at most three sets of rubies during a run that was non-event of course. But have gotten 4 maybe even 5 chests from a single run albeit rarely. Maybe that’s the “random” part?

Either way, the clear data and cache (if you’re bored then uninstall / reinstall) fixed it for the three times it has happened to me. The one time I uninstalled / reinstalled without clearing the data and cache did NOT fix it.

I think I’ve read somewhere that the chance of earning rubies is directly subtracted from the chance of acquiring nothing. haven’t had this problem before, tho.

I’m surprised PG allows players to post their tickets in the forum. Other games will ban you instantly if you do.

It took me 3 uninstalls to start getting Bronze chests… Blah…

@Skye maybe because the in game support is not PG… They have no clue majority of the times what they are talking about…


They need to play more…
And I think, unless we tell the PX through forum or PM, it’s extremely rare (I think) to have a case be handled personally by one of the PX.

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