Rule Against kicking Active Members

I would really like to see a rule become implemented against KICKING ACTIVE players off a team. I would appreciate it if there could be some sort of voting strategy and not just because one person “the leader” is having a bad day or being just mean. Because I was the leader of a great team 2 weeks ago and was contacted and asked to merge. So I brought all my good players over and everything was good. Now, it’s halfway there the second week and even though I’ve scored higher than any team member and havent done anything wrong. And the proof is all the mails I’m getting asking me why I was kicked. For which I have no answer. I just know that a several hours ago after buying a couple game packs, the leader kicked me and now will not respond even though I followed all the rules. They players backed me on a lot of targets. I was maxing points. Completing quests. Help everyone including joining small players to help them. I was doing everything I was suppose to never complaining. And then I’m just evicted without notice. I think that the plan was to shut my team down the whole time. Which is not only cruel but unfair. All I want to do is play the game and now someone just took that away from me. All my boosts are gone and now I’m 102k points and not allowed to play the event anymore. So they got all the goodies from my packs and points. And I’m stuck out here unable to play. And they keep my points I’ve earned while I am thrown out empty handed. From a platinum team. And I do not think there’s anything I can do to get what i’m entitled to.


While I get your point, is a bit unrealistic what you are asking.

A better approach would be to let players earn points even if they change teams during events.

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While I get your point to many ways for people to manipulate that and is why they stopped. But thank you. You really think it’s to much to have the leader and 5 officers vote?

They can lol by leaving to

That’s on highers that screwed that up in the past lol

I would suggest you join another team in the league, arrange for your players to move over after the event then war the crap out of that team. Problem solved


Yea but I still won’t get my tea. Prizes I’ve earned correct?

No you’ve already got the prizes you earned just can’t earn any more. You’ll get the team prize of the team you join.

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U will get final prize but what ever team u join tho n the ones u collected during u can’t go higher in points tho

Yes cuz a leader should be able to decide how he wants to run his/her team, it could be a democracy or it can be a dictatorship and why not, lets throw anarchy in there, it should be completely up to them.

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Besides, I’m not really that in to revenge. It takes to much time and energy

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But it’s fun :man_shrugging:

BTW it’s a pretty low act to kick someone during a major event


I thought the big rule was switching teams durring an event means no team prize. Are you sure about that?

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ur Not the only one who has been kicked during a pvp :wink:

yea you will still get the team prize of whichever team you join

The rule states no more personal achievement when switching teams but the main prize ull get still lol of the team u join

Yes. What a slug! Right!

Oh really, well that’s even worse then because i’m only halfway there what I wanted to earn!

I was kicked right before I almost got neptus n had to pay a little to finish him up I did pvp an hour later was kicked on capture the flag n they laughed got to be careful what team you join because they can do it n think it’s funny

Well I don’t think that’s okay at all.