Ruler vs Dragon Master Pack

Hi All,
I joined pretty recently and almost at the end of the season. I’ve been thinking of buying a pack to complete getting my dragonstones this season. To give me a push.
Is 15 Energy chests better or 3 more Gold chests better?

Or should I just save my money for another purchase later on?

If I need to choose, I’d rather pick the 3 gold chest, since it has more chance for sigils.
Honestly, if wouldn’t matter much, since what really helps in the last 2 events is Super Sigil chest (in terms of sigils).

If you have an alt, probably it’s a bit too late since red envelope pack has disappeared ($5 for 520 sigils).

p.s. I’m a non-spender, so I wouldn’t buy it, but it’s just me.

Save your money for next season


I’m with Grumpy, save your rubies for next season. Get to green-gold that should last you almost 3 months. That depends how fast you level and breed.

Thanks for the replies guys. Guess I will try to end the two dragons I have with Green stones and wait till the next season to get a pack. :slight_smile:

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