Rune Accessibility Questions

If I look at @Morreion Neon website there are literally tonnes of runes “avaialble” in game files that don’t seem to be “available” to obtain.

For example there are 55 exotic runes for base monuments. Pretty sure we have seen less than 15 in game.

There are also heaps of mythic runes that look cool that I have never seen in game.

Silver chests have a very small selection and not much variety between events ( ammo in Fight Pits and Invoker ones in Crystal Caves ) everything else looks the same to me.

Often the runes offered in main game prizes are for ice turrets or fire turrets. No one has used these legacy retired towers for years. The occasional mage or storm tower. Its quite rare to see flaks - maybe a few times per year? and I dont recall ever seeing a bar tower. ( some bar tower runes have been offered in the trading hut or other lines but not main game if my memory serves )

Is it time to increase accessibility of these cool yet trapped almost impossible to obtain runes / glyphs?

I think we could make base layouts more interesting if the pathway to runes was expanded.

Different runes in event silver chests would be a good start.

Different runes in event prizes as well.

Legacy fire and ice tower runes could be phased out since these towers are not viable from both a resource and a meta perspective. Plus everyone should have 30-40 of these by now.



I can imagine there is a Smaug siting somewhere inside the mountain of code on a pile of these runes refusing to give them away to anyone … not even PG…

Thats why PG says " dont touch it… it might break the code "


Ps. oh wait… its not Smaug… its Ryuu :dragon: