Rune and Glyph Attack Boosts

If I put an attack rune or glyph on a dragon, does it boost the attack power of the dragons damage spells, or just its breath weapon damage? Specifically, I’d like to put a Sorcerer Attack glyph on Firefin, and I’m curious if it would boost the damage caused by his underwhelming fireball, or if the attack boost only applies to the damage caused by his swipe attack.

Each spell has its own damage formula, usually based on the dragon’s attack or hp. Look up your dragon’s spells to see which they’re based on. The number used in the formula will have the benefit of modifiers like runes, rider, gear.

For underwhelming fireball, it’s actually hp based rather than attack:

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Ah, that makes so much sense, thank you! So I guess I’ll be putting HP glyphs and runes on him to get increase his fireball attack damage.

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