Rune and glyph boosts

Hey everyone. Needed some info about runes and glyphs.

  1. Do the mage runes and glyphs add any boost to archmage towers?

  2. On that same vein do runes and glyphs that boost lightning towers add any boosts to charged volt towers?

  3. Is it advisable to switch out all mages for archmages and similarly to switch out lightning for charged towers? Basically has the improved tower made the old ones redundant?

Appreciate any insights and advice on this. Thanks.

I’m still half asleep, so I can’t remember if it was research that applied to both or runes/glyphs.

Probably the research. :sweat_smile:

In that case, no, no, and no.

Though the last no can be a yes if you half a fully maxed base.

No to both. Lighting and red/blue mage research applies to Volts and red/blue archmages respectively but runes and rider boosts are unique to just the tower they specify.
Note: Lighting or mage research applies to volts or arches but it doesnt work the other way around. Archmage research will not boost normal mages.

Personally unless you are rolling in tons of electrums (like at least 700k+) I dont see a whole lot of reason to replace mages with arches. There are still more runes/glyphs that boost normal mages so their HP will be pretty much the same as an arch (whose glyphs are only offered occasionally from trading posts or limited time branches). The attack boost of an arch really doesnt matter. I would say you could start building arches over normal mages but I also feel there are better things to spend your electrums on, like Volts and Orrerys or pylon merging material to save tons of timers.

Volts cant be transformed yet (I assume somewhere around the first or second Fort of spring) but they are better than lightings. You can absolutely justify replacing lightings with volts since volts are not resisted by anything. Lighting resists is a standard equip spell so it’s very likely they will be resisted. But volts dont suffer that issue.

The only real downside to picking volts over lightings is that lightings have had some very nice glyphs (precious mythic lighting striker) which as mentioned above will not work on volts. Volts have almost no runes or glyphs but lightings have lots.

If I see an island full of lightings I laugh as I tap that lighting resist. If I see an island full of volts I get worried. Those things will kill you if you dont handle them right


Thank you🙏🏽 that helps. Like you said you can neutralize lightning with lightning resist but with a good mix you might pick some other spell to equip. Also the mythic lightning rune/glyph is not something to discard easily - until they come up with something comparable for volts though I guess by then there will also be a volt neutralizing spell available. Thanks again.

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Thanks! For #3 will probably hold on switching until a powerful enough rune or glyph comes out for volt towers.

I do wonder if they’re going to do this. Once volts become mergable I do think lightings are going to get tossed out by those who can afford to do so. With a lot of hunters and Invokers (sorcerers too but PG doesnt care about them) relying on dodges nowadays, volts becoming more common could become a significant issue for them.

Will they create a consumable volt resist and would they be made widely available? Or would they start giving dragons build in Volt and Lighting resist? Or a spell rider with a 50% beam resist? Who knows, it has been a very long time since they last made a new consumable spell.

We can only guess how they will change things but for now I do feel like there is some benefit to having both on my base, I currently have 30 maxed towers. Since volts have become more popular I’ve noticed players using equip spells specifically for them a lot more. For example I’ve noticed a lot of people using freeze now since a lot of people are using blue mages with volts. This allows my lightning set up to do more damage, and if they do decide to use lightning resist then I can fry them with my volts.
As I said, who knows how long this will remain a viable option but for now it seems to work fairly well since I have enough maxed towers to have several kill island set ups.


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