Rune and Glyph changes Causing problems

I’ve heard from several players and seen others having the issue of all of their runes/glyphs being deleted. I believe I now know how that is possible. My question is can PG do more to help these players and try to reset? This runes and glyphs take years to accumulate, and it is devastating to imagine loosing all of them and having no help getting them back. I think I can understand the response I’ve seen that there was a confirmation button, but there are a few confirmation buttons. If something is new, it is easy for a person to tap confirm quickly without reading it. I hope these players get resolution. I’d hate to see more players leave over something that seems easy to fix. :+1:t3:
Thanks for checking this out


This request absolutely does not carry the weight of asking for PG to revert open chests (which they use to do).

There is no exploit that involves salvaging runes/gyphs for the purpose of getting other rewards or get an extra benefit like one could do with chests.


A confirmation button is meaningless unless it explains what you are confirming.


100% agree. Losing everything would be devastating to any player. This is a new feature and it was unclear what that button would do. There is no reason any player would want to delete EVERY rune and glyph they have.


All confirmation prompts should be placed randomly on screen, so that people won’t be able to hit it so easily/accidentally.



Prevent the inadvertent lag double tap


I can’t see much upside to allowing equipped runes/glyphs to be salvaged. Sure maybe a handful of incidents but definitely more risk then reward


The “select all visible” is very misleading as well, because it is in fact selecting more than what’s visible😂
I like this change though, it just needs to be done in a safer way. We should also look into adding something like “open all value pack bonuses” because I’m sick of clicking through all of those in the store, especially when the game can’t handle more than 15 being opened consecutively.


OMG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I wish I could give you more than one heart for that.


Although I wholeheartedly support the request, Im gonna play the devils advocate for a bit.

First of all if you have more then a pages worth of runes&glyphs when you “select all visible” you definitely can see that bottom row is selected by the titles only (on my device at least). If you scroll to actually see the runes themselves you could figure out that you’re selecting a bunch of other stuff not seen on original screen.

Im not sure if there’s a “confirm” button when you go to salvage, but if there is, thats your stop there. Cant say for others but when I see that, I cancel and double check what Im doing.

Again, js, totally agree they should revert for people who made a mistake since its a gutting thing. Destroys years of work. Id prob even quit over it.


Equipped Runes/Glyphs should be automatically disabled in any SCRAP ALL selection.

The ONLY time an equipped rune/glyph should be scrapped is if you go DIRECTLY to the tower or dragon is it equipped to and manually scrap them one at a time.

Scraping equipped runes/glyphs is a rarity (compared to scraping all common, rare, and elite junk runes/glyphs).

Also, the ONLY time I scrap an equipped item is if it is common-elite item not worth the rubies to un-equip. Maybe I’ll scrap a legendary item. And even more rarely a mythic and never an exotic.

In essence, the scrap all feature to include equipped items is counter intuitive AND counter productive.

It shouldn’t be allowed.


I am one of the people that lost all runes / glyphs and I am still fighting to get them back . I had selected rare runes and that’s allI l I saw on the screen so I hit the select all visible runes I guess and even though I clicked on rare runes it deleted everything . Who in their right mind would purposely delete all of them including equipped ones ? I thank everyone for all the support in trying to help me get them back ! :heart: I am a level 600 and it has devastated me after years of paying money for exotic and mythics runes .


Depends on the device and also how the menu is behaving. Sometimes I can see part of a bottom row and other times I cant or the menu sticks for a bit.

All it says is “are you sure you want to salvage X number of runes” If you dont actually know how many runes total you own (it no longer tells you this in the menu) then it’s not unreasonable for a person to not know that’s all of their runes

Also let’s be honest here, this game (especially atlas) basically trains us to click through unnecessary popup windows. On top of that factor in things like lag, visuals not fully loading or needing to repeatedly tap a window before it responds

It’s just a very bad design, especially by including equipped runes in there


Closing this out for now. Please see my response here.

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