Rune Branch Where did it go?

I remember the rune branch we had in the summer season…I liked that.
I would love to see it again @pgjared @arelyna @pgcrisis @PGCoffee
With aibrean some people like to have the spring renewal runes while others may want chaos runes. It’s a different playing style. Let’s say they put the chaos runes on Fae or never got those runes. Yeah I know chaos runes don’t work at the moment so before thinking about releasing chaos runes, fix the runes lol. Any chance of that reappearing? This isn’t just for chaos runes, I expect rage, attack boost, HP and other season related runes too…maybe even runic chests and rune dust too.

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The rotational season branch was cool, but I never saw anything in there I wanted.

But for others I think it would be worth bringing back.

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