Rune chest content: Jan 2018

Really bad luck or drop table horrendous

$100 pull


Ouch. A legendary evasion rune as your bonus rune? That’s a bad slap in the face :woman_facepalming:


Why did you bother??

The legendary drops I’ve got (total) are healing striker, ice resist (treb resist secondary), fire resist (invincibility secondary). Runic chests :-1:

Not even sure what really works…

Oh look, more ice turret resists and dark flak resists. I have enough for every dragon for the next few years.

Honestly they should have made the standard resist like 40% and brought it up to 80% with a mythic rune or something. So I guess i should be happy it works how it does. I just would love to not have dilution of good runes. Last time around it took about $400 to get a mythic rage glyph. Everything else was crap.

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I Got Fire Turret Resist

What about runic chest,because shut be drop sigils,but I get epic rune.If it’s good,beter wait till back silver chest and buy them for get runes,because runic chest are 1600 rubies and silver 300

? The resist from the dragon is already 70% so the runes by right can only add up to another 30% to make 100%. This explains why those runes or glyphs are giving so little and your overall resist will be 70%+ or 80%+

Same here :confused:

I got this crap… really😝


me too, but it’s legendary


Runic chests never drop sigils, and unless you are swimming in a boat load of rubies, I don’t think they are worth getting. (Even if you are swimming in a boat load of rubies, I still think there are better options as to how to spend those rubies.)

Silver chests aren’t worth buying either imo, just wait until you get a bunch, either through random drops during treasure hunting, or through season prizes. I think I have about 200 of them, but mostly they aren’t worth opening.


Open 30 Silver Chests so you can get the bonus chest. Then wait for Runic Chests to appear. Rinse and repeat.

shhh… that could be exploitative…

If they ban me for that it is what it is…

Shhhh, we don’t want them to know that :laughing: (It’s what I did though lol, for both accounts)

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