Rune chest need to return


When can we expect o see the rune chest

Highway Robbery

I hope never


Umm no, runic chests do not need to return, EVER! If you are buying those over priced pieces of garbage then you are making very poor in-game life choices. The only time they were ever worth getting was when we could transfer over our free silver chest

Unless they’re ever going to significantly cut the price and/or get rid of all the garbage then they never need to come back


Isn’t it guaranteed 2 legendary rune for 15 chests?
Guaranteed 2 drop from legendary dragon (25% mythic).
Guaranteed 2M rune dust.
Plus, if you’re tracking your position, you can decide whether to buy it or not.


We not want legendarys, we want mytics🙉


Runic chests were nothing but very expensive silver chests. I don’t see why anyone would want them back.

1000 rubies for a possible RARE rune?
5000 rubies for 10 of those?
Even if there is a relatively higher** chance to get a legendary drop (legendary or mythic rune) those chests had a seriously massive amount of junk.

**compared to the silver chests

But who am I to judge? Everyone spends their currency on whatever pleases them… :hugs:


I for one had some nice drops of mythic runes and whether or not I decide to buy that is solely my decision


I agree, they have to come back.
No one forces you to spend rubies for such Chests but many players would like to get those chests back. @Arelyna


My memory tells me the opposite


They were absolute junk, worse than silver chests are now.

I do think it would be useful if they brought out chests that contained actual good runes with a good drop rate, say a legendary every three chests, mythic every 10, and none of the bullshit trebuchet ones. But bringing them back similar to how they were before is just a waste.


no 1 force u to spent rubies for sucj chest but i want spent 100k rubies,so yes i want back and denying this would not be convenient for anyone


You still have other options to spend your rubies :rofl: A totally worthless feature that was once outvoted by the playerbase should not return just because one wants it. Suck it up.

You can still get runes from silver chests, don’t let me stop you (not that I wanted to)

I agree with @Morreion, that if they made a new version of it, where only considerable good runes and glyphs were present, that could be welcome.

I mean no Rare, striker or resistance ones… those were are total waste of bits and bytes,


Based on price…

4/300 (round up) legendary drop, 33% mythic, 2k/10

2/15, or 40/300 legendary drop, 25% mythic, 8k/10


Who else thought the title said “Rune chests need to burn”?


I don’t want them back.

They’re terribly overpriced and full of junk that we’re already horrified to find in free silver chests, namely useless Arcane and Mystic runes, outrageous Ballista-related runes, obsolete spells and usually very few glyphs or highly sought after runes like Mythic Rage or Hunter ammo…

Plus when there’s a runic chest during an event that means you won’t get 5 free silver chests, one per day.

You may not think it is important but it sure adds up!


Your memory is very good


Better check our index then.
If it’s good, buy.
Else, don’t.