Rune Dust Deficit

@PGJared Whilst it was welcome when you slightly increased the rune dust available I am still finding a sizeable deficit. Unfortunately you cut off the supply for so long that many people are still trying to catch up. The only way you get a decent amount (apart from tediously going through and salvaging all of your unused Runes) is to win them from season sigils, but this means that you’re developing a new divine (most of the time) which means you need more and more rune dust and so on. Please allow people to meaningfully catch up. If you increased the amounts around 30-50% this should work. :pray:


I highly support the topic

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I can’t steal it :sob:

I actually mentioned this recently to someone hoping they increase the rune dust… remember not only do we need to be able to level up all these divine dragons but tower runes too!! If a season line doesn’t even cover that dragon how in hell are we supposed to level up these new tower runes/glyphs??


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