Rune dust in team prizes

Slow, disappointed clap. You give us runes in seasonal lines that cost millions of dust to level. You give us 300k with which to level them. We rightfully complain. You say you’re working on a fix.

Now we have equally paltry amounts of rune dust…in team prizes. Do you think this will really help us? This is like putting a bandaid on an amputated limb.

We. Need. Dust.


You think you’re the first person to realise this? The search :mag: function is your friend please use it.

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They’re talking about the laughable amounts in team rewards

Edit team achievement rewards I mean

It’s laughable everywhere :man_shrugging:

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Team prize awards aren’t the answer, and my plat 3 team won’t be able to get the 100k prize anyway.

This won’t cut it. Where’s our dust?

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