Rune Dust Packs

Hi Guys … i have a suggestion that I would really love to see it live , it’s a very easy one and it would help much players or I would say the majority of them.

My proposal is rune dust packs ( Rune Dust 5 - 10 mil “for example “ + gold chests + some rubies) .

I really wish to see this go live as it was done for elementals shards, I’m pretty sure it would benefit both sides players and PG in the economics of the game .

Would love this suggestion to get PG’s support and the wonderful community.

Thanks in advance :cowboy_hat_face:


Just salvage your common and rare runes and glyphs. Plus we get those in rewards I think.

And if u want, salvage your epics too if u like.

This wont fix the dust shortage in the game :man_shrugging:

So heavy spenders get another advantage? Pass

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Agreed … the economic of rune dust is so bad and will always come short salvaging and silver chests doesn’t get much to even upgrade a legendary rune .

Hi! This is not an encouragement for spending or “ benefit spenders” … the post in last part i said they did it for elementals embers witch we get through many occasions as well then why not doing it for rune dust as well . They already did it for egg tokens, embers , etc . Wouldn’t harm having opinions.

A difference is all those things are also found in gold chests, so you could buy them anyway. Rune dust and chisels are about the only things you can’t get more of with money, at least not in sensible amounts.

Whether that’s good or bad can be debated, but it does make dust different from embers, tokens etc.


Wait a minute. Are You seriously comparing embers to rune dust?

Well here’s your answer below.

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If any idea brings huge revenue,
PG won’t leave any unturned, be it old or new.

We already have a line like that, the exotic rune line. I specifically get that line for the embers and dust, the rune is dependent on what I need but since they wont give us exotic glyphs, is limited in its usefulness.

I would say instead of creating yet another line they just need to further increase the amounts of dust in the other lines. Really rune dust is not something that makes them much money. People are not buying silver chests to get rune dust. So they really dont lose anything by throwing more of it at us. Just put 10M dust in each line. They could even make it an optional pick instead of the useless crafting scrolls in the rider lines

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not saying i agree with the rune dust packs or not, but why so against spenders? they’re the reason the game server’s alive. :man_shrugging:t2: u think pg will hold the game open for this long if there had been f2p only? :confused:

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Why should free players get same as spenders?

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whales will going to spend until they get a sense of winning.

no real point on whining about them as they will spend until they win against the general f2p or small-p2w(ex. e2p) population.

it’s a game with iap, if people spend, it has to boost something.

if a player has spent $100,000 on this game, why should he/she be worse off or be even compared to a player who has never paid a dime? -same logic applies for people who has only paid for just a little compared to the number above.

if a person don’t want to see that, he/she should go play another game with no iap or a game that offers iap for cosmetics only. -e.g. skins.

Bc a rune dust pack ONLY benefits the spenders. Now if there was another way for people to reliably get rune dust as well then fine

I’m a spender myself so I’m definitely not against them. but there has to be at least a small sense of balance in the game or the game dies anyway, no matter how much the spenders buy


I would like to submit an idea, maybe a new season branch with keys, why not a structure where we can create runes, dust or chisels? Maybe an expansion of wharehouse or a separate one… in this way it would be available for everyone and it may have a consumable one like gold and hats first Atlas…

Perhaps a branch the allows the use of unused season keys. This would allow a person to unlock the rss of choice from within the unused Key branch.

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can be a good option if you dont want any of the mythics for the season. :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

What shortage? If i could send you some I would. I have a few 10million or so