Rune Dust Packs

Lol whats is 10 million? Thats nothing.

10 million definitely isn’t nothing. Is it a lot? Absolutely not. But definitely not worthless like you want people to assume

Pull your head out of the clouds and realize that not everyone in the game needs 17( obviously an exaggeration) mythic glyphs maxed every season. You are on the small fringe of the game. How about we work on a solution for the masses rather than the select few

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I didn’t say 10 million. I said a few 10 million - as in more than 10. I have more dust than I know what to do with and have all my legendary, mythic, and exotic runes maxed.

There is plenty of dust available in-game.

Depends on use, and how many Pups you Rune, am always in need of Rune Dust as only remove ones that are hard to find, and want to use on a new Pup, otherwise leave them on to keep them strong during Events like Temple Raid and Assault.

As in my case, I have the season mythic and will have leftover keys that would be useful to open rss chests! Lol

If i have all my rune max I will have negative rune dust so we’re still really short of it

Ok so I just finish the new exotic rune and tried to max it but obviously there was not enough run dust so even if pg wants to accept it or not there is not enough rune dust cos they purposely give you less than what you need
Yes when I was lower lvl I had more Thani knew what to do with but now can’t even finish what I really need and yes I salvage almost all my rules more than once

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