Rune dust please sir can I have some more?

Now I did the search we have a topic for this but it was quickly referenced to another thread about prize tiers, that had a small exert about it but was never responded to by pg. So I’m creating a topic for this all it’s own.

Now putting aside the idea that silver chests give only runes and no gliphes and that ever dragon has 2 rune and 4 gliph spots… i could have my own issue with this but… I’m going to talk more about the fact that there is no way this season to upgrade runes if you haven’t already stockpiled rune dust for days. The prize tiers being robbed of the rune dust is ridiculous, giving no gliphes and a waste of a rune because they give 3 runes one of which will be replaced as they are dragon specific, (2 holes - 3 pegs) and 300k rune dust that won’t level the mythic or legendary more than one level. Silver chests don’t give nearly enough and salvaging won’t cut it either.

Is there any plans in the near future to create a better source of rune dust for the masses? Perhaps we can put some substantially larger quantities in runic chests but that might upset people as well cause for the prize I would want runes not dust, but seriously how do I upgrade my runes?

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I use runes as sparingly as possible, which helps.
Don’t the sigil trees provide plenty of rune dust for that purpose?
Staying on top of salvaging can provide a good supply of dust.


For a mythic rune you are talking millions in dust and the trees did away with the decent amounts, they only offer 300k per tree. So yeah no way to get the dust to level the runes they give you for the specific Dragon


Unfortunately they did this because the big spenders complained of having too much rune dust (somewhere on this forum PG gives that as the reason). I’m only lvl 84 but wish it was still there. Enough dust to level the runes would be fine, not asking for a billion in dust or anything. They probably jumped on the feedback to “please those players” and at the same time force runic chests on people if they get that desperate for dust. I don’t really understand why the complaints of too much dust. Why would you rather have less? It’s not like it got replaced with different rewards or anything.

@Ebony they took almost all the dust out this season.

Edit: If I salvage all 375 of my runes including unused legendary runes I have enough to get 1/4 of a way to leveling Kinn’s mythic glyph. Why even bother I’d rather just hang on to them in case some day those runes become not useless…


I have never had this problem. Suppose I’ve been playing long enough that there always seems to be a steady supply by salvaging, not using many runes, collection over the years, and finishing several lines per season.

I have a couple million dust because like you I’m pretty stingy with using runes and dust, but that couple million exists from being stingy with it, now I’m scared to touch it since season lines are the only reason I have that much. Like I said salvaging everything I have that’s unused including things I don’t want to salvage will get me enough for 1/4 a level of Kinn’s mythic. If I can’t get dust anymore I’m probably not spending it anymore.

I need 1.14mil for the next level, so at this pace (based on what’s offered this season) that’s literally 4 seasons worth of dust to get that one level.


I’m a spender lol. And I have none


Send your input to PG file a ticket and what not they said that the players said they have too much dust so that’s why they cut it back. I stand firm on my believe that they want people to start buying runic chests to salvage it all for dust. Smh.


I’m not a spender and I have enough to carry me and 3+ other players. PG went retarded for quite a while with the dust and turrent shards :woman_facepalming:t4:

Out of curiosity how much dust do you have?

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Yeah I didn’t mean ALL spenders lol but apparently “player feedback” is why they took it out. I’m sure the people that complained about it were expecting to get different rewards rather than just smaller amounts of dust.

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How many dragons do you have If I can ask?

Those that think they have enough dust just are too slow at levelling new dragons that need kit to figure out they need it.

Unless ofc you have say 400 million dust? Because kitting out a single dragon now is 20m dust or more. For one dragon


Why would you “kit out” more than 1-2 pier tier when they’re not worth more than breedable. Plus maybe the divines for the season, which again 1-2 with its

If they’re not battling, mine are getting wisdom and resist matching pieces (epic, rare, common bc they warrant better) So fully maxed 1-2 mil dust.

Considering most of the good dragons now don’t have any runes to match their abilities they get legendary or mythic wisdom and rage, and if I tend to add a specific resist then that as well.

After changing 4 towers worth of runes twice and having runes on 1/4th of my dragons, I’m sitting on 100 mil dust. Without dusting any in the last 8 months. 4/5 free daily runic chests I get are 500k dust each. So it’s just steadily piling on. I just stack all the rest of the chest bc I don’t want more of that or the pile of worthless runes continuing to add up :joy:

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Thats 80million dust - For 4 Dragons.

Say what? I’m assuming you mean silver chests
And the highest possible drop is a legendary which dusts for 50 000 dust, the rares dust for 750dust and epics 6500. You are much much more likely to get those. So not sure what I’m missing here.

Its true that most of us had excess dust, but with the lack of dust this season what we are saying is the dust is getting obliterated fast.


So true theres no way to gain dust anymore since you get very little from chests and season

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Dust for life sir


Wish i had more than 1m lol so i can upgradw the mythic

Reading this thread, I really haven’t seen any ideas to fix this issue. And yes, this is an issue. I saw some talking about salvaging runes (glyphs should be considered, too) and I agree with this. I will probably go to dragons I no longer use in any capacity and strip them of their runes, too.

As for a possible fix…I think PG chould start another seasonal branch similar to the egg token bonus, and dedicate it to rune dust. Those that don’t need it can ignore it and those that need it can run down that branch. Yes, it means you might not get as far on the dragon branches, but each person can decide for him or herself what is most important.


Honestly I don’t get why they don’t just make the rune prizes on seasonal lines pay out like they did before this season. Salvaging runes isn’t going to be the answer unless you’re buying a lot of runic chests. For example to go from level 4 to level 5 on a mythic glyph, I would need to salvage 23 legendary runes just for that one level.

They don’t need to change anything other than the amount of dust in each prize. Who cares if some people have too much dust :man_shrugging: