Rune dust please sir can I have some more?


Unless you are really stuck, you shouldn’t strip your dragons, even in low red tier and above, from their runes. Just in case they decide to dig out an old Event like Miracles…

@CheekyGrinch like I said in another thread talking about it (I think) “Don’t wish for something inconsiderately, because you may very well get it.” Indeed the feedback was heard and “we” got what we wanted, but it backfired on us. A curse, not a blessing.


I wasn’t one of those that asked for less dust.

But yeah, it’s like making gold chests drop 100 fire and ice shards instead of 1000 in response to players saying they get too many shards.


I beg your pardon it wasn’t personal Cheeky, just commenting to you. I didn’t ask for less dust either. I barely have 3-4M in stock, and I didn’t get any Dragon for Fall Season so I missed the last rune dust Galore…


I‘m not a big spender, but I buy packs on a regular basis. I start to become really careful with runes and dragons, I attach them to. And I don’t have a huge amount extra laying around.

I totally agree with JJ and Gox on that issue…The seasonal branches used to provide runes and/or glyphs that were useful plus the amount of dust to level them to a useful grade. This season is different…you get crappy runes dedicated to one special spell plus a minimal amount of rune dust that gets you nowhere. In this case, PG fixed something that wasn’t broken, instead of fixing some of the glitches this game has had for quite some time.

What I would like to see is:
1.only glyphs in the seasonal branches…one „generalistic“ type like rage or wisdom and one spell specific - preferably mythic being the specific one

  1. enough rune dust to level those glyphs

  2. provide useful glyphs in event prices - I‘m sick of seeing healing striker, rejuvinate and healing mark

  3. remove useless runes from silver chests

  4. remove useless and lower tier runes from runic chests

  5. provide an option similar to tower runes to move them around, if obsolete dragons are equipped with good runes.



I don’t know about you but I don’t have nearly enough healing MARK glyphs. I know I want a lot more than the solitary legendary one I have, especially if they have different secondary effects. One won’t be enough when I finally make it to emerald tier sometime later on this year (maybe by September or October or something) :joy::joy:

But yes, way too many healing striker and rejuvinate ones. I can agree with all your other points though. Good post.


I find this topic funny I personally can never have enough dust but certainly have a year and a half worth of base boosters that I don’t need :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


…and why would PG think a few people complaining means no one wants enough dust to max their season runes/glyphs anymore?

I have never seen the complaint about too much dust before, but other complaints (egg tokens for sapphire wall, lack of black pearls, mega coin issues, useless runes, no glyphs) I see often and are widely shared, yet seem to go ignored.


I could be bitter and say that’s because it’s something that does not benefits players and will ultimately benefits PG by the great demand for rune dust which will then be available in Special Dusty chests purchasable in rubies? 12k for 10 chests with 1k to 20k rune dust, you can’t miss that!

But I hope (I really do, no sarcasm), since I am still naively trusting PG is working for both the players and themselves, that they will find a way to benefits both parties. To quote a movie I actually liked watching : we need a non-zero-sum game.


I agree that PG is trying to force players to buy the ultra-lame runic chests. No other reason to starve us of dust. The runes and glyphs are a mess. 90% of them are useless.


This is really really sad. PG keeps taking things away from us and charging us the same amount, there is no way they took away the season line rune dust because people complained about having too much. They want to give us something that we can’t use with the hopes of people spending money to level up their runes. It’s the sad state of American greed.:confounded:


Well bigger problem is you can’t spend money to level the runes lol… #dustisamust


And soooooooooon (for10chars)


Maybe PG is promoting a free and naked movement for the dragons plus a side of runic chests?


This doesn’t look appetising… I’m allergic to ruby-wasting…


Oh, but you can. Buy 10 runic chests and you’ll get bunch of useless runes and glyphs. (Mythic enervating anyone?) Salvage them for your dust and repeat until you are out of rubies. Then go buy some packs! That’s the idea anyways.


Lol. Have you ever tried to max out a mythic rune?? It cost a lot more than those salvaged dust :joy:


You missed the point there

He means buy some packs, rinse and repeat. That was deep :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s gonna cost a lot more :joy: like in $1k+


@PGCrisis @Arelyna

Can we please have an answer for this? Where are we supposed to get dust?

Its 22.5 million dust per dragon maxxed at endgame.

Salvage is not viable: legendary 50 000 dust, the rares dust for 750dust & epics 6500.


This thread is crying out for a Chappelle meme