Rune dust please sir can I have some more?


I’d just like to state that when this thread was opened I commented that I had lots of Rune dust and didn’t see an issue.

I was very wrong. I have no Rune dust left and many, many runes still waiting to be leveled.


At the very least I think there should be enough rune dust in a season line to max out the runes that are available in that same line. That way you’d at least break even.


I am almost to Avyx’s mythic. I dusted every spare rune (and some I would like to have kept) to max out her legendary. I have no hope of leveling her mythic more than once, and already plan on getting the 100k prize in every line.

This is miserable.



Gold chests - no more shards?
Rune Dust Deficit

This thread resonates with me.

Honestly I think PG needs to occasionally paint us a picture of the direction they want to take this game. I would have used my last seasons dust much differently if I knew it was the last excess I would have.

I’ve tried to get creative and think what about all of those old Divines with mythic runes. Well. It turns out millions of dust only comes out to 400k salvageable for an expert Mythic. This shouldn’t be less than 50%.

The worst part about this is that there simply is no practical way to get dust.

The runic chests are filled with worthless filler runes, why not replace some of those with 400k dust. I know an unleveled rune is worth the same as an extra, and plenty of mythic useless runes exist, but nobody’s gong to spend thousands of dollars to get one or two levels


If I dusted a $100 worth of runic, I’d not even see a million dust. not even close

I need 20 million dust for 1 dragon.


They fixed something, that wasn’t broken. Just bring back the rune dust in the seasonal branches, so we have a chance to get useful runes. Please remember, that we don’t play on a test account and have to get resources from playing the game, not coding it.




And if you are a long time player, with millions of dust saved up, please stop commenting on this. PG used idiotic comments from players with more dust than they need as an excuse to nerf the dust in the season branches. So now it’s impossible for new accounts to level our runes.
At least not without spending thousands of dollars. Wait, maybe that was the idea all along. :scream:


I have friends who have played over 2 years and in dire need of dust for this seasons dragons. It’s takes over 20mil rune dust to max 5 mythic runes.
Please fix this issue ASAP, or better yet don’t have runes and glyphs! Everyone has the same attack power and HP, so it’s fair for all🤷🏻‍♂️


@PGJared Before you go for your vacation, I want your attention on this and some feedback. From where are we supposed to get millions of dust runes for mythic rune of this season divine as divine dragon reward page does not provide enough to max it out. This is coming from a 1 season old player who has very limited runes from this game and can’t scrap runes from other useful divines.

:beers: XG


Dust is the new Token. #dustgate2018


Dam they better start looking into a fix for this problem or lose a lot of competitive spenders😅
We all want a fully kitted dragon with maxed runes/glyphs.
Now they making it 1000% impossible for everyone.
Not a smart business move PG🙈


Avyx is stuck here until next season. I wrote to PG, and they said I should dust my excess runes plus open more silver chests. I told them I had, but needed millions more still, and would never get enough from silvers. I haven’t yet received a second response.

Oh, I’m about to finally get Sekhem tomorrow. Guess what? No dust to rune him out. At all.

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You got farther than I did before I ran out of dust.

I’ve evaluated dusting runes from old dragons but at a static and useless return rate it won’t get me enough progress so I’m not going to bother.

I don’t understand how we are supposed to get anything. A few hundred thousand dust on seasonal lines won’t get me even close to the millions needed


Still no response from PG on this? They start a brand new season and take away the amount of dust in the season lines without saying a word? How long has this topic been up and it still isn’t being addressed? What is so hard about telling us before hand that you’re going to take something away from us? Oh because you want to bully us into the garbage runic chests? Come on PG we just want to max the branch runes you give us for our hard work, show your players some respect…


This is the best response I’ve seen yet. Still vague. But better than nothing.


I wouldn’t waste anything on the legendary Warhawk rune. It’s worhtless without a second modifier. Healing mark is better to use in place of it, or rage. Can’t wait to get the mythic rune for avyx


Crap, you’re right. Next legendary rune of either rage or HM will go into its spot.

Normally a mistake like that wouldn’t phase me, but I keep thinking how the dust I put into her legendary would level the mythic once more.

We could use a rune/glyph salvage shop.


The message you get back is a standard message hahaha, i get zillions of those regarding different problems.


Rune dust please sir may we have some more?