Rune dust, your prayers have been answered!

You can have 10k rune dust for £9.99 this season! Don’t miss out in this exclusive ONE time offer! Buy your worthless pack today!

In al, seriousness, this’s is stupid. Not only is 10k rune dust worthless, but it’s in the form of a ONE TIME pack whichever may I just say, Is multicoloured (get buying peeps)

I feel that’s PG attempted to answer the players requests but they have Done so in a way whichever benefits them while giving the consumer nothing.

I know for a fact that’s I will not be buying this pack! The inner fire is alright but rune dust, boo! And what’s whith the unique name?


I know what a carnival is, just there’s nothing remotely carnival related in the pack! Just a different colour scheme on the offer. Oh and LIMITED TIME. Get it quickly.
Arter kore research, I found that the £4.99 packs have more rubies as well. Yeah either £10 for 1k rubies or £5 for 1250…

its a carnaval pack because PG is just like a circus


There are plenty of carnivals around the globe this month, and carnaval is Portuguese spelling (why when it’s an American game?!)

This pack has 100 SIGILS and 10 IF, so naturally it will have significantly fewer rubies than similar priced packs.

The amount of rune dust: No comment.

Oh damn 100 sigils! Gonna get some major progress with that!
Edit: the packs aren’t similar price, they’re HALF price. And with more rubies. Just buy two of them and get the gold chests you can nearly buy.
Plus the carnival pack is a one time buy only…

yeah, opening 50-60 bronze chests give 100 sigils for free. The rest is not worth the price.

I was excited until I saw that there was no $100 pack and that the values were actually less than notmal gold chests for all but rune dust, which was worse than the already terrible tunic chests.

At that price the crappy mythic you dust for 400k seems like a good deal. Which it isn’t.

Seriously no way they were going for the Portuguese spelling - they just don’t know how to spell and didn’t bother with spell check.

I wonder what it displays as if you have your language set to Portuguese? Someone post a screen shot please!

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Something Japanese possibly.

The Carnaval pack is specifically a promotion to celebrate the Carnaval happening in Brazil this week. It’s not meant to be an “answer” anymore than it is to celebrate, which is why it’s all fancy in colour.


that would be



Agreed this is a marketing fail. Someone in PG marketing woke up this morning and said “You know what, I haven’t had an epic fail yet this week.” and the “Carnaval” pack was born.

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False advertising?
Can you resist these festive items?

Oh for serious?! So you really were aiming for Portuguese! Well I take back everything I said bad about PG in this thread…well except for the part about it being a terrible deal - that part is still true.

Just noticed that it’s supposedly on 75% discount. If so what would be the real price if it was full price? :joy:


I knew it! (portugese spelling :smile:)

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Celebrate by giving you money?
Btw this isn’t aimed at you crisis. You’re a nice person.

haha, thanks! I didn’t have a hand in the creation of this pack, so, I can’t answer you there. :slight_smile:

Oh it’s fine! Just disappointed that you had to reply to this because you have done nothing wrong. If you ever need someone to chat to, I’m here for you.

And whoever made this pack should be deprived of coffee for life…


I have no problem resisting this pack. I would be on board if it were, oh, say $0.99 or maybe $1.99. Besides, I’m quite sure as soon as I open this the pretty rainbow chest will not be available for me to put on my base in an empty spot to show how I am supporting Carnaval.

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