RUNE Epic_ AEOSpelldmagel

I got this rune but now i cant find it in my rune store. Can you please help me to know what it is and where to find.

I think it’s an Epic Fireball Rune (@forScience can confirm).


Yeah, should be Fireball or Ice Shock or Freeze…something like this

You would be correct, AOE spell is code for fireball

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So in other words, look for a fireball spell not one that says AOE damage

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Aoespell is fireball.

That is an epic rune that increases the damage of fireball.

Please tell me, fireball spell or fireball att that hunters have? Which leads to me asking should I research increased fireball in the hall? Thank you


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Thank you everyone. Must be fire ball got one with that simbol, i didnt know they use code.

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